Are You Suffering from … Election Fatigue?

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If you’re generous, you could say this a sequel Horse-Race Journalism Playbook. If you’re me, you could say I went to the same well and dredged up similar jokes. Following the campaign coverage has made me even more cynical about politics than I already was, so it’s impossible for me to treat the campaign as anything but the kabuki theater it is. Nothing that happens in the campaigns between now and Labor Day will really matter to the outcome.

That’s not to say that actual issues, like the economy, Supreme Court rulings, Obama’s robo-murdering and stuff we can’t predict won’t heavily influence the outcome, but the way the campaigns react to it don’t really matter, except for the media, who love viewing every news story through the lens of the election and poll results. It’s summer, and they have yachts they’d rather be on than at their desks.

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