Romney/Ryan Campaign Gear

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Sorry for yet another delay, but thems the breaks with free content. I’ve also had a slew of computer/electricity troubles, but at least I got a computer from this decade out of it.

Fair Warning: If you’re in the “DO YOU WANT OBAMA TO LOSE?!” freakout squad, you might want to skip next week’s Obama/Biden version of this cartoon.

This is your last chance to buy tickets to see me babble incoherently in DC tomorrow. Many of my more-qualified colleagues will also be speaking, so it’s worth it even you hate my guts!

5 thoughts on “Romney/Ryan Campaign Gear”

  1. “Next week’s” Obama version! Where is it? The Freakout Squad got to you, didn’t they? They can fuck with your electricity, I heard.

  2. That’s just what the Squad was hoping you would say. Don’t worry, I know what you mean. (*wink*)

    To be real, I’m glad you can get some money for your work. I’ll be excited if you can get paid to do some work where you can, I don’t know, use the word “fuck” if you want. Your comic is definitely the best thing in the NYT, though.

  3. And I’m sure not getting down on you for having to make a living, of course. We all do. I would give you an example of the kind of shit that I have to write in order to make a living, but that would be an infringement of my owner’s, I mean employer’s, copyright.

    Just so you know I’m not on some high horse. Just a hobbyhorse. A nice adjustable, plastic hobbyhorse covered with industrial polyester fabric, inside a little cube-shaped hobbyhorse pen, next to all the other little hobbyhorse pens, here inside a big hobbyhorse factory farm.

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