Modernizing the Vote

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The margins in last week’s election were big enough to overcome most of the electoral shenanigans and disenfranchisement that were going on, particularly in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. And the way the demographics of the parties are going, it might be harder to tamp down minority, poor, young and elderly turnout in the future. But it’s pretty fucking embarrassing that party hacks set the voting rules in every state.

Ohio’s Secretary of State, Jon Husted is the hackiest of the bunch. As Ohio went to Obama sooner than most of us expected, he quickly came up with another bullshit scheme to tip the state towards Republicans in the future, even when Democrats win the popular vote. State legislatures of both parties gerrymander their states like crazy, but since Republicans have a narrower (and older, whiter, male-er, angrier) base to pull from, their maps tend to be a bit more ridiculous.

Anyway, the election’s over (for a couple months ’til the next one starts up) and I’m done thinking about it. I don’t live-and-breathe politics like some folks, so I’m happy to catch up on everything I’ve missed over the past 18 months. What’s a “Honey Boo Boo?”