Black Friday Bargains! and Post-Election Stress

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I don’t understand the Black Friday hysteria. Shit’s on clearance December 26th. There’s other bits of news commentary crammed into this comic, but I don’t have time to write about any of it. I have to get a cartoon done this week, holiday or not.

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If you missed it earlier, this is my post-election comic. I’m so glad that’s over. This was the first election where I had to pay attention to everything because of The Strip. In previous years when I was just doing BFW, I could tune in and out as I pleased. Besides the not-having-any-money part, it was a pretty sweet gig.

3 thoughts on “Black Friday Bargains! and Post-Election Stress”

  1. Hi:

    We need to get some kind of fart jokes out of you every once in a while. I know that now you have a straight job with the NYT, with the millions of viewers and stuff, but what made BFW funny was the crudeness. And the NYT is refined, not crude. I don’t want to make unreasonable demands, I don’t mean any disrespect, and I don’t want to say anything mean about your refined topical humor over there in the gilded tower or whatever. But farts, poop, dum dums hurting themselves stupidly, U.S. Senators saying naughty swear words, shit like that is funny. You’re really good at that kind of humor. I miss it.

    Of course, congratulations on all your success and whatnot. Not trying to shit on that. Just give us farties a toot once every few (whew?) months.

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