Obstruction Manual

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Congress’s record unpopularity is old news, but the recent jackassery surrounding the payroll-tax holiday and Obama’s recess appointments (and yes it’s a recess if nothing can actually be voted on) have taken it to new and disgusting levels.

I’m not exactly taking the centrist “everyone’s to blame equally” position, but the Democrats haven’t been helping themselves either. By twisting the parliamentary rules to require a filibuster-proof super-majority to do even the most basic governmental tasks, they’ve turned the Capitol into nothing more than a political theater, performing a play only Moe Phelps would approve of.


Know Your Iowa Caucus Safety

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If you think the campaign is dumb now, wait ’til the primary dust settles. Romney and Obama will spend close to a billion to pretend they have widely different opinions, when they’re only really in disagreement about a few minor tweaks of the status quo.

I took a mini-vacation over the holidays because I needed it. Now it’s a new year and I’m back to the fart joke grind.