The Minimum Wage Awards

The Minimum Wage Awards

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Raising the federal minimum wage came up during the State of the Union speech. It’s a good idea. But don’t take my word for it. A guy with a fancy Nobel Prize in economics agrees with me.

Finally, it’s important to understand how the minimum wage interacts with other policies aimed at helping lower-paid workers, in particular the earned-income tax credit, which helps low-income families who help themselves. The tax credit — which has traditionally had bipartisan support, although that may be ending — is also good policy. But it has a well-known defect: Some of its benefits end up flowing not to workers but to employers, in the form of lower wages. And guess what? An increase in the minimum wage helps correct this defect. It turns out that the tax credit and the minimum wage aren’t competing policies, they’re complementary policies that work best in tandem.

I’ve been lax in updating the blog with links to my comics and even lazier about writing commentary. Currently the minimum wage for maintaining this blog is $0, so I think I’m putting in the right amount of effort.

I’ve backdated posts with links and mini-commentary to The Strips that I’ve neglected to post. Now future generations will be deceived into thinking that I wasn’t a lazy sack o’ crap for most of February.