How Did Bors Cross the Road?


ANSWER: Safely. Very Safely.

We were in Salt Lake City for the AAEC convention, and they take crosswalks very seriously out there, with bins filled with orange flags for pedestrians to wave around like maniacs as they cross the street:bors-flag-sign

And here’s an action shot of Matt not getting hit by a car, thanks to the power of the safety flag:


You can read Matt’s recap of the convention for more about what went on in Utah. Matt also asked me (and paid me) to write a comic during my flight out there. This is the result.

Besides a few weird rules about beer and alcohol, it is a lovely city. Its people are so polite, I dubbed it “Weird Canada.”

Huge thanks and kudos to The Salt Lake Tribune’s Pat Bagley for hosting us. After experiencing the dry heat out West, I have been nothing but miserable since returning the sweaty East Coast.