Starting with this month’s issue, you can find an exclusive comic of mine appearing in NSFWCORP. It’s an impressive comics spread, with features from Matt Bors, Ted Rall, Jen Sorensen, Ryan Pequin and Scott Bateman. You have to subscribe to see them, so I suggest you get to it.

You may have noticed I’ve only been drawing The Strip for a while now, ever since the number of weeklies that ran Big Fat Whale dwindled down to one and was raking in a paltry $15 per cartoon. NSFWCORP pays actual money, and if you like what we freelance cartoonists do, support them so they can continue to support us.

While you’re at it, you can take a break from circumventing their paywalls and throw some support towards The NYTimes, so they can continue paying me to draw comics. (I syndicate The Strip to Daily Kos and Funny Times, and they deserve your support too. And I welcome anyone else to get in touch about syndicating it too!)

And yeah, I know I gotta update this site. I’m too lazy to do it myself, and too poor to pay someone else.