Brood CXIII Congress



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The current Congress, especially the GOP-led House, is one of the least productive ones in history. And now they’re on a five week vacation. At least I think it’s a vacation. I haven’t had any vacation experience myself, so I can’t recognize one.

When they get back, they’ll treat us to the same budget  brinkmanship and general obstruction (That’s a cool wrestling name, BTW.) that’s been the norm since 2010. Then they’ll switch to campaign mode for the midterm elections and get even less done. If that’s even possible.

One thought on “Brood CXIII Congress”

  1. I’ve been reading your comics for a few years now, and I think this is your best yet. It’s a bizarre yet perfect metaphor, and I love the expressive body language of the Congressional Broodians. Very nice work!

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