The Disenfranchising Team

The Disenfranchising Team

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North Carolina passed an expansive voter suppression bill last week. Other states began moving forward with their own bills immediately after the Roberts’ Court gutted a key provision of the Voting Rights Act in June. They claim it’s to stop voter fraud, but when there are other verifiable, more pressing problems with our elections, it’s a convenient excuse to disenfranchise minorities and the poor.

This isn’t new; many GOP-led states tried the same shenanigans during the 2012 election, but were often stopped by the now extinct preclearance conditions in the VRA. It’s the hail Mary pass of a party that knows it has lost minorities and the young and has no idea to win national elections any more.

3 thoughts on “The Disenfranchising Team”

  1. I love your strip and read it every week in the NY Times. I understand that the most effective method to affect public opinion is through mockery, and your 8/18 strip was pitch perfect. I’m writing to ask if you might consider ever turning your strips into videos with the hope that they go viral and thus influence a younger generation than me. We need that generation to become politically aware and active, and your strip/video would be perfect. Thanks for the consideration, and please keep up your good work.

  2. P.S. I don’t mean replace your strip, I mean in addition to the strip, make a video of it, thus adding another medium to your repertoire.

  3. I hate to break this to you, Brian, but the Donkeycrats have been equally busy with a vote-suppression program of their own, for the same reasons as the GOP — to keep the people most likely to vote against them from turning out. In the case of the Donkeycrats, it’s the Greens, or the Socialist Workers, or the Peace & Freedom Party — basically, using threats, FUD, and scaremongering (“you don’t want the mean old Rethuglicans taking over, do you?”) to suppress electoral challenges from the Left.

    This is why I get so goddamn’ sick of listening to the chattering zombies on MSDNC bitching about the GOP’s efforts to disenfranchise voters and prevent third-party participation in the Presidential debates — it’s because the Donkeycrats are in collusion with the GOP, and equally complicit in vote suppression.

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