Meet Your Health Insurance Exchange!

Meet Your Health Insurance Exchange!

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Health insurance exchanges go live tomorrow, shutdown or not. Get to know them. The GOP gnashing of teeth over Obamacare is solely because they know it will be popular once it’s fully implemented. It’s already happened here in Massachusetts.

Right now it’s an abstract law, and my fellow Americans aren’t exactly deft at grasping abstract concepts. Combine that with the years-long misinformation campaign surrounding the law, and it’s no wonder everyone’s confused. It’s certainly not a perfect law. That adjective’s reserved for single-payer.

One thought on “Meet Your Health Insurance Exchange!”

  1. “Not Perfect” is probably the very best thing you could say about it. As far as single-payer goes, we might as well go to hell and wait; the single most important accomplishment of Obamacare will be the prevention of any progress towards single-payer for at least a generation, if not longer.

    As far as whether or not it’ll prove popular — it certainly will prove popular with the healthcare, insurance, and pharmaceutical industries that Obummer made sweetheart deals with in order to pass this dung heap. It sure as hell won’t be popular with citizens who are being forced to pay a tithe to the insurance industry or else face fines of $95 and up.

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