Comics Controversy

I don’t have much to say about the Danish cartoons that Matt hasn’t already said. He’s been on top of the whole bruhaha since it was just a wee imbroglio. Derf has also taken a similar stance.

The one thing I’ll add to the “free speech at any cost” set is that a lot of the irrational and unjustifiable violence is being fanned by both political and religious leaders who know it’s better to instigate an angry mob than be the victim of one. That’s not an excuse just an observation.

However, those who are tut-tutting this as proof that the West is a perfect city on a hill are comparing fundamentalist apples to shitty, police-state oranges, or raisins that are ill-informed by a lazy media.

If you thought Bill O’Reilly’s boycott of France was stupid, you have to agree that the response to the Danish cartoons is several orders of magnitude more absurd. I get offended every day by every fucking moron in the world, yet somehow I manage to not set the moron embassy on fire.

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