A Couple Clicks for Animals

My sister’s animal shelter, Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts, is involved in a contest run by Petfinder, a name you might recognize from the fuzzy bones being chewed on at the Puppy Bowl. It takes just a few seconds, and you’d be helping them get some much-needed cash. Here’s how to help:

1.) Visit here every day to vote and to learn more. Search “Animal Protection Center of Southeastern MA” and click the “Vote Button”.
2.) Do this daily!
3.) Share this with your friends, family & colleagues asking them to do the same.

You can also donate directly to them here. And if you’re looking for a new pet and live near southeastern Massachusetts, adopt one of theirs!

Thanks for your help!

Internet Knockoffs

Internet Knockoffs
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If you don’t dick around on the web, this probably won’t make much sense to you. But if you’re not dicking around online, there’s no way you’d be reading my blog. So I’m gonna call you out as a dirty liar.

I did something similar in January, and it’s surprising how most of these new ones weren’t on my radar back then, except for steampunk and email scams, both of which are things I’ve had to quickly delete or scroll past every goddamn day since I first hooked up my Tandy to the outside world.

Bozadee Bopping could be the new Keyboard Cat, or maybe something like a rimshot to punctuate a sentence where a “Shut the Fuck Up” meaning was conveyed. For reference:

He starts Bozadee-Bopping at 3:27

Lastly, a quick reminder about the three ways you can support the strip: Buy stuff, follow it on Twitter and Facebook, and smite my enemies in my honor.

Next Week: Oscar Season


Tom the Dancing Bug’s Ruben Bolling took some COCKY SAUCE a couple weeks ago and went after Oprah, Ashton, and whoever-the-hell else I couldn’t give two shits about in order to rack up his Facebook Fan Count. I let it slide, because he is OLD, and society teaches us to respect our elders. We’re talking Helen Hunt OLD folks, not small potatoes old like Jennifer Aniston.

But then Jen Sorensen of Slowpoke threw down and challenged Bolling. A kerfuffle ensued, and now both of these far more talented and famous cartoonists have WAY more Facebook Fans than Big Fat Whale. This is terrible news for me, as I just commisioned a “PRINCESS OF THE INTERNET” tiara from my local Kay Jewelers.

FIX THIS PEOPLE! I really want to wear this tiara.

The Great Pandemic Panic & Flu Freakout

Pandemic Panic & Flu Freakout
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People went nuts for that flu shit last week, huh? I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly people quit freaking out, even if it means this cartoon is as stale as a white, sun-baked dog turd.

This is the second time I referenced 2 Girls, 1 Cup in the comic this year. It’s kinda hacky, I confess. But unless my internetting skills failed me, I believe it’s still the reigning champ of viral nastiness.

Matt’s Swine Flu cartoon points out that a more lethal killer lurks in our driveways, and we and the media couldn’t care less.

I’m too busy to write out a long-winded treatise on how the public and media poorly understand epidemiology. Instead, below the fold, here’s every video mentioned in this cartoon, except the nasty one. No one wants that. Continue reading The Great Pandemic Panic & Flu Freakout

Blog Troubles

What I thought would be a quick update of this blog’s database turned into a not so fun night of mucking around with its lovely innards. Turns out I didn’t have a recent backup of the blog’s template files, so I had to rejigger them to get all the more recent stuff, like avatars and tags to work again.

Technically I didn’t HAVE to, but I did for some reason. I think it’s good enough now, but if something’s fucked up, let me know.