Architecture of the Damned

I’m sure this must’ve been around for a while, but I just caught wind of it. Not Fooling Anybody documents local businesses that take up shop in abandoned franchise buildings. They’re sort of like tiny little dead malls with various mediocre businesses squatting in them.

I’m slowly getting back to a cartooning schedule. I spent a week cracking wise and writing funny business without having to waste any time with drawing. It was splendificent. As comic work was ramping back up, the chore of illustrating was too much and I kept procrastinating. Time ran out so I came up with some contrivance for shoddy work in the upcoming cartoon. Things should be back to normal after that.

Prince of Dweebs

Thanks to the previous post and some weird fluke of a Google algorithm, this blog is near the top of results when people search for info on the Krugman-O’Reilly debate. I only know this because several hundred people have come here after searching for info on the show. I guess staying at home on a Saturday night, watching third rate basic cable, and then blogging about it isn’t that common.

There was another Google-induced spike in traffic this week. My arch nemesis, Irish pop music sensation, Bryan McFadden, was involved in a car accident. If you’re curious, here are the details of this douchebag’s brush with death:

Former Westlife star Brian McFadden almost killed himself recently – when he smashed his Ferrari into a brick wall at 190 miles per hour.

I never thought I’d see my own name in such a ridiculous sentence. What’s really annoying is that it’s not even his real name. His was originally Bryan with a ‘y,’ but changed it to the normal spelling for a really stupid reason:

The Irish singer, who has changed the spelling of his name from Bryan in an attempt to distance himself from his former pop life, skidded on a wet country road after swerving to avoid an animal.

Now I have to deal with him, his pre-teen Irish fans, and even a professional lookalike. The surge in press combined with misspellings prior to the name change has resulted in Big Fat Whale no longer being the number one result for ‘Brian McFadden.’ I’d be fine with it if the asshole died, but he’s going to continue stealing my obscure thunder until the Great Shitty Music Purge of 2013.

Selling Out For Fun And Profit (Mostly Profit)

You might’ve noticed a change with the columns on the left and right. I am now selling the 21st century’s equivalent of Amway. Of course, Amazon sells products people actually want. I get some money if you end up buying something after clicking one of the links.

The ads will appear on the rest of the site with Friday’s update. I promise they won’t interfere with seeing the comics. Ads that do that have made me boycott entire companies and websites.

Hopefully this will be more successful than the advertising offer, which is still on the table. My Alexa ranking has dwindled since I first offered it, so I can see why people would be reluctant to advertise here.

I have no idea why it’s declined though. Traffic’s higher than it was when my ranking was respectable. I can only assume that 100% of you have deleted or refused to install spyware on your computers. You are all so very smart.

This theory is supported by the fact that only 62% of you are using IE to view this site. The rest are using browsers that work, like Mozilla, and 10% are reading the comic on PDAs or your cellphones. I didn’t even know that was possible.

The rush to generate revenue from this site isn’t only fueled by my fantastic poverty. I’m planning on putting together another mini this fall for another round of self-promotion. I think the cartoons I’ve made since Scrimshaw are a lot better and will act as a better showcase to get into more alt-weeklies. I’m hoping I can make enough money from the ads and the BFW store to cover the cost of making it. Otherwise, it’s back to sucking dicks at the bus station.