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Thar He Blogs!

MSNBC's studio tent was the first thing I saw besides the poor confused LaRouche and Badnarik supporters that let me know something was going on in Boston this week. Check out 'Short Shorts' on the right. I know what side of a wedge issue he wants to be on top of tonight. Zing!

Here's another angle of the MSNBC tent. You can't tell from this shot, but they're literally set up two feet away from people eating seafood. I don't think there's been an announcement yet, but the FDA has already come out against eating seafood within 50 meters of Scarborough Country. It will give you diarrhea like nobody's business.

I have no idea what this is, and I'm too lazy to Google it, but taking pictures of crap in the gutter always got the photography students in my high school decent grades.

This guy's sole purpose in life is to harass all of us pinko Massachusetts libruls. I believe it's some kind of perfomance art. I remember him from Boston's Iraq War protest.

I got a lot of flack for going to that, but I felt I had to. The media wasn't investigating the administration's WMD claims and I thought protesting en masse might make people aware that some shit smelt funny. Of course the news just covered this guy and the hippie douches, not the average guy who hates hippies, but protested anyway because he thought it was important.

This is about as close as I got to entering the Democratic National Convention. I went right up to the barricade where the unwashed masses are prevented from entering, but didn't feel comfortable taking a picture. Although I'm a white guy with short hair and a shaved face (read: not brown), I didn't want to take pictures around all the law enforcement guys. There was nothing to photograph anyway, the barricade is pretty high, allowing you to only see the Fleet Center's media tent through its cracks.

But I must say that everyone was super polite, except for me. I got kind of pissy telling the billionth pro-choice-sticker-hander-outer that I already had one and wasn't even attending the convention.

For those unfamiliar with Boston, this is looking down Canal St towards the Fleet Center. This street is important to me because it's where you can visit a Boston Beer Works during a Sox game and not be swamped by a bunch of douchebags named 'Murph.'

Now let's go to the Free Speech Zone.