Marriage Equality Horror Stories

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In addition to Obama’s (belated) endorsement, same-sex marriage turns eight in Massachusetts this week. And as far as I know, straight marriages and the world haven’t ended in my fair commonwealth as a result. Sure, North Carolina’s  a setback, but did we really think parts of the South are just eight years behind us northern coastal elitists?

New “Due” Process

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Two weeks ago, Eric Holder gave the Obama Administration’s long-awaited justification for blowing up American citizens in countries we are not at war with. It was bullshit. Many Democrats, and even liberals and progressives, aren’t making a stink about this because “their guy” did it. This is the same (or worse, actually) shit Bush pulled with John Yoo and expanding unitary executive powers so the President becomes above all checks and balances. There’s a reason why the position is not called “The King.”

If you haven’t already, check out Tom Tomorrow and Ruben Bolling‘s cartoons about Obama’s, and all future presidents’ citizen-killing powers.