Republican Presidential Debate-athon

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I subjected myself to last Tuesday’s debate, and thankfully came up with a cartoon idea for my troubles. It’s simultaneously hilarious and horrifying that Herman Cain is considered a serious front-runner. Whenever he speaks, he sounds like that kid in class who didn’t do the reading but was very good at bullshitting his way to a C+. (I don’t have facts to back that up.)

The song Romney’s singing is a parody of The Modern Lovers’ Roadrunner. Only Jonathan Richman can make me feel sentimental for Boston’s Route 128, and driving on that nasty ol’ clusterfuck of a beltway.

And due to the Occupy Boston events going on in Dewey Square, Richman should put out an updated version Lonely Financial Zone.

The Anti-Vax Vaccine

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Michele Bachmann came out against the HPV vaccine a couple debates ago. Now, you can argue about the vaccination schedule and the pharmaceutical industry’s corrupting influence on politics, but to be flat-out against vaccines is to be ignorant of history. My parents’ generation had to deal with polio, and the generation before that had to deal with all sorts of nasty shit that we no longer see in the western world thanks to vaccines. But if you like puss-filled bumps, and infant mortality, by all means, move to a remote island and live your vaccine-free dream.

Mitt Romney’s Corporate Monster

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I’ve covered corporate personhood before, but Mitt Romney’s mouth gave me the opportunity to revisit it again. If you’re not familiar with the concept of corporate personhood, Ruben Bolling’s latest cartoon will get get you up to speed.

When I drew the monster knocking over the lemonade stand, I wasn’t intending to make a case for patent reform like the feckless Democrats are doing instead of supporting an actual jobs bill, but corporations do abuse patents to stifle competitive growth. Check out this episode of This American Life if you’re curious. And speaking of lemonade stands, Kevin Moore has been following this summer’s meme of mean ol’ gubbamint depriving little kids of their unfettered free market rights.