New Bank Reforms/How They Lost $2 Billion

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Since both cartoons this weekend were about JPMorgan’s huge loss, I figured I’d lump ’em into one post. JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is also on the board of the NY Fed. I’m sure he is super-great at oversight besides this little $3+ billion whoopsie-daisy. He’s against even the lukewarm reforms that were included in Dodd-Frank following the 2008 economic collapse.

And speaking of Dodd-Frank, it really is only half-written. Two years after it passed. Check out the page for the House Financial Services Committee and get a load of these regulation-hatin’ morons bitching about the rules they’re supposed to be writing.

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And as I noted in the tag at the bottom of the comic, that loss increased by at least another billion in the week since I drew this cartoon.

Bank of America’s Future Plans

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The big greedy babies at Bank of America got mad that bank reform ended one of their methods for taking people’s money, so they came up with another way to make up the difference and appease their shareholders. It’s a flat-out lie that they need that money to pay for debit cards.

Take your money to a credit union, or a nice mattress rather than letting these bastards walk all over you and your money.

Economy weekend continues on Sunday in the NYTimes with a cartoon about Occupy Wall Street.