Chumps at the Pump

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This is a popular topic among political hacks and dull water cooler conversation aficionados. I felt like weighing in anyway, and I needed a single panel idea to help me out after my ankle and a work trip slowed me down this week. The reality is that gas prices should be higher, enough to reflect its true cost, both on the environment and on the last 30 years or so of our fucked-up foreign policy.

After years and years, the Facebook fan page for Big Fat Whale is about to top 1,000. Help get it over that number! This is an important milestone for things that don’t matter at all, yet I check anyway, like the Red Sox’ 2012 spring training details. Oh boy, this is gonna be one stinker of a season.

Your Guide to Townie Bars

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Hey, here’s a cartoon I did for the Phoenix. Look at it, if you don’t mind my aggressively-local sense of humor.

I’m an expert at this subject, but I will only share the location of my favorite townie bars with trusted individuals. All dives in my neighborhood are under constant threat of turning into hipster bars, so their locations have to be protected.

Economic Executive Orders

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This was supposed to be Friday’s cartoon, but I had to put BFW on the back burner while I took care of that other comic that pays money. There will be another BFW posted on this coming Friday, or maybe Saturday morning depending on how things go. Either way, you’re getting what you pay for.

Since no piece of Obama’s jobs bill has any hope of getting through Congress, he’s been dabbling around the edges with executive orders. Pretty small stuff that will have no effect on the 9% unemployment that’s become totally acceptable to everyone who’s not hanging out in Occupy encampments.

Unlikely Moments in Beervertising

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Since football season started, I’ve been seeing tons of stupid and misogynistic beer commercials. I know the craft beers I love don’t have the budget to advertise on TV, and their demographic watches plenty of other stuff in cheaper ad slots, but these commercials are painting an ugly stereotype of my fellow enlightened beer-drinking Americans.

And speaking of misogynistic beer, Kevin Moore brought this patronizing monstrosity to my attention.

2011 Headlines

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I’m driving out to Pennsylvania in a few minutes, and my internet situation could be spotty over the holidays, so I’m posting tomorrow’s cartoon today. It’s a Xmas miracle!

This cartoon has created a philosophical dilemma for me. I can’t decide if being molested by a monkey is worse or better than being groped by a human. The diaper seems to counteract the authority of the armband. This is what I’ll be thinking about as I slog westward on I-84 this afternoon.

Next Week: Obama’s Concession Stand


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I whipped this up as soon as I got back from visiting family in Pennsylvania. There were so many billboards for Coors Light’s gimmicky cold indicating bullshit that I had to do a cartoon about it, even though David Cross covers the same territory on his latest album, Bigger and Blackerer.

Obviously with the fire stuff that happened since I drew this, I haven’t been able to think funny thoughts. Hopefully I can whip something up for next week, but don’t get mad if I end up running my first repeat in over two years.

Your Health and You

Your Health and You
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Last month I found out that my cholesterol is a little high, so I had to start paying attention to my diet. Somehow I forgot that 6 eggs and a brick of Cabot’s Seriously Sharp every week might not be the most heart-healthy habit.

“Early Onset Crazy Irish Eyebrows” is a real thing and I won’t rest until there’s a telethon to find a cure.

Next Week: Home-Schooled Hero