Boston Space Savahs

Boston Space Savahs
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Since the cartoon is currently only appearing in New England weeklies, I went with a topic that probably doesn’t make sense in parts of the world where snow doesn’t turn people into mega-Massholes.

Space squatting has been epidemic here in the Boston area for decades, but this winter it’s especially bad since the snow’s been piling up for weeks. This practice was only officially sanctioned a couple years ago, and technically only applies for 48 hours following a significant snowfall. But that doesn’t stop people from defending their little slices of street like pioneer homesteaders. Actually, they should be forced to build a shack on their space to prove their claim, instead of using whatever rubbish is lying around.

You might’ve noticed I tweaked the layout of the site a bit to accommodate ads from Project Wonderful. It’s a pretty cool and open system that lets people bid on advertising spaces. So if you’ve got something to pitch to the folks who read BFW, place a bid. Right now it’s super-cheap since it hasn’t collected much traffic data.

Next Week: Internet Non-Sensations

Failed Food Revue

Failed Food Revue
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Here’s something I slapped together while nursing my New Year’s hangover. That’s why there’s an “Airline coffee sure is bad!” hack joke in there. At least it has stink lines. Stink lines make everything better. Next time you’re paying a bill, draw stink lines and flies on the check. You’ll feel good!

As for the new year itself, it hasn’t been so happy. Big Fat Whale has been dropped from two papers since Thanksgiving. On the plus side, not wanting to starve will give me extra motivation to make things for you to buy. (If you still have a job by then.)

Next Week: So Long Bush & Cheney

Blog Troubles

What I thought would be a quick update of this blog’s database turned into a not so fun night of mucking around with its lovely innards. Turns out I didn’t have a recent backup of the blog’s template files, so I had to rejigger them to get all the more recent stuff, like avatars and tags to work again.

Technically I didn’t HAVE to, but I did for some reason. I think it’s good enough now, but if something’s fucked up, let me know.

Bad Bloggin’ Brian

I had a fairly entertaining blog post in the works, but it turned into next week’s mediocre cartoon. In its place, here’s a stomach-churning glimpse at one of the reference photos I took for this Friday’s comic. This particular photo didn’t even make it into the comic because it’s so goddamn ridiculous.

Sportin\' the Selleck

30 more pounds and the bears would be all over me.

Your Shit is On the Way!

To everyone who ordered something in the last month, I mailed all of your crap out yesterday. Unless I’m waiting to hear back from you about missing details. Sorry it took so long for some of you. But I am not a professional Ebay Beanie Baby seller.

Thanks again for spending money on my stuff. It helps out a lot. This fall I will provide you all with many more opportunities to give me your money.

Things should be much quicker here at BFW HQ until (let’s hope) the Red Sox make the playoffs. Fuckin’ Tampa, man. Whudda thunk?