Republican Recipes for the Hungry

Republican Recipes for the Hungry

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Massive cuts to SNAP recently went into effect, exacerbating the country’s already tragic hunger problem. Since the poor don’t make campaign contributions, the GOP couldn’t give a shit. When sequestration threatened to make air travel inconvenient for themselves and their donors, politicians from both sides rushed to exempt the FAA from the cuts.

Hunger is a year-round issue, but if the holiday season is making you feel exceptionally generous, consider donating to your local food bank. If you’re in my neck of the woods, the Greater Boston Food Bank helps many local families.

What Would Boehner Do?


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The continuing government shutdown seems almost quaint as we begin this week with the House hurtling us toward default and an economic depression in their latest tantrum to defund the Affordable Care Act.

These assholes already got the sequestration cuts to be permanently enshrined in the latest budget, thanks to the spineless Democrats, so of course they feel like they’d get yet another ransom for holding the country hostage. If the President and his party didn’t cave during the first debt ceiling fight in 2011, we would’ve had this fight then, and I could spend this October drawing silly Halloween cartoons with fun monsters and shit.

Fuck those guys.

Unlikey 2013 Headlines/Gun Control Proposals

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I had the holidays off, and it was difficult getting back into the swing of things. So here are two Strips I’ve drawn since I last posted. However bad this year will be, at least we’re as far from a Presidential election as possible. 2012 kicked my ass, and one party didn’t even have a primary. 2016 should complete the transition of my hair to full-blown gray.

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Despite the jab at our attention spans in the first cartoon, gun control (or reform, as I think it should be called) is still being talked about weeks after Sandy Hook. I doubt any substantial legislation will come from it, but at least we’re starting to admit that unfettered access to high-capacity guns is fucked up.

And lastly, over the break I talked to Brendan Lynch at WGBH.

Adults’ Letters to Santa & Cheer Up, Lame Duck

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For an atheist, I enjoy most of the trappings of the holiday season. Those pagans had some fun ideas. No wonder the Pope stole ’em. This is admittedly an attempt to use the holiday to slap a bunch of disparate news jokes into one comic. It was either that or 8 clumsy fiscal cliff metaphors.

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I forgot to post this last week because I am terrible at self-promotion. It’s still relevant, and will be for our entire lives, or until Congress decides to call it quits and turns the Capitol into a Buffalo Wild Wings.

Box Office Duds

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I enjoyed “The Avengers,” but “The Dark Knight Rises” is the only summer blockbuster I’m looking forward to. Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master” is the movie I’m most anticipating this year, but it’s not coming out until the fall. I guess the awesomeness that is summer television will have to tide me over.

No snark either. Breaking Bad, Comedy Bang Bang!, and a bunch of other shows are entertaining me much more than the ridiculous news stuff I have to follow for that other comic strip I do.

Obstruction Manual

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Congress’s record unpopularity is old news, but the recent jackassery surrounding the payroll-tax holiday and Obama’s recess appointments (and yes it’s a recess if nothing can actually be voted on) have taken it to new and disgusting levels.

I’m not exactly taking the centrist “everyone’s to blame equally” position, but the Democrats haven’t been helping themselves either. By twisting the parliamentary rules to require a filibuster-proof super-majority to do even the most basic governmental tasks, they’ve turned the Capitol into nothing more than a political theater, performing a play only Moe Phelps would approve of.