Hey You British People

So many of you liked BBC Radio 4’s Phil Jupitus’ Comic Love program, that it’s been expanded into its component parts for your listening pleasure. The new series is called Phil Jupitus’ Comic Strips and airs this week, again on BBC Radio 4. The episode with myself and my CWA pals airs Tuesday morning at 9:30am, Limey Time. Who knows how many of my swears will make it into the broadcast this time?

I’m not sure it will be archived, so be sure to tune in.

UPDATE: It is archived, and you can find it here.

Jokes Too Shitty to Illustrate

These lame jokes aren’t worth wasting ink on, but blogging technology allows me to shove every shitty idea I have into your eyeholes. So please use your mind grapes and imaginate a cartoon McCain dancing seductively and singing Fergie’s “My Humps,” except he’s singing something about his lumps, his lovely cancer lumps.

Get it? He’s OLD, and SICKLY. And he picked a fucking loon to replace him should the sweet lord Jesus send him to God’s POW camp in the sky.

Also, Palin sounds exactly like a British person who’s mocking us.

Accent? What Accent?

Hey you assholes! I’m still unpacking and thinking up a cartoon, but I thought I’d let you know you can now listen to Phill Jupitus’ BBC Radio 4 show about comics whenever you like. Now the foul language I spewed all over the British Isles is preserved for all eternity.

Apparently my swearing was allowed to air because of my accent. From the producer of the program:

I had to get that swear word signed off from the powers that are on
high!  We got away with it because of your accent I think - priddy

I guess it’s similar to how arse and shite are allowed on PBS when they run stuff from the UK.

You can find the audio embedded on this page. The bit with Jen, Mikhaela, Masheka, and myself starts around the 20 minute mark.

After listening to this program, it’s pretty obvious that I still overcompensate for my Boston accent. I tried to drop it in college because it was a source of much amusement for my peers. But now I add the letter “r” into places where it doesn’t even belong. Acknowledging this is the first step towards me becoming non-rhotic and proud.

Conservative Horror Comics

click for comic

Sorry this isn’t about the New Yorker.

Hey British people! If you’ve got nothing going on this weekend, tune into BBC Radio 4 Saturday at 10:30am (Limey Time) for Phil Jupitus’ Comic Love. Some of my CWA pals and I will be in there yapping away at some point. Here’s a promotional article about the show featuring some clips. It’ll be available online a week later for anyone who missed it. I’m sure it will only increase the confusion among people who think I’m this guy.

One more bit of housekeeping: I’m going on vacation next week. I’ll have occasional access to the internet, so next week’s cartoon might be late or early. If anyone knows anything cool to do in Montreal besides eat poutine, feel free share in the comments.

Next Week: What’s on Low Information Voters’ Minds?

Oh Poor Coogs

I watched a certain summer blockbuster yesterday and saw a rather troubling trailer. It appears to have a solid premise, but Hamlet 2 has at least one major problem: Steve Coogan’s distractingly inaccurate American accent.

It’s the sort of nasally, stilted voice hacky black comedians use when describing how us honkeys talk. Maybe it’s addressed in the movie, I don’t know. I love Alan Partridge and Tommy Saxondale, but since he’s virtually unkown in these here parts, some lame exec probably insisted on his character being American. Perhaps the half-assed accent is Coogan’s “Fuck you!” to that exec.

Also, 100,000 or so people died in a country that has never produced an entertaining comedy product.

For All My Fellow Freelancers

That Mitchell and Webb Look – Season 2, Episode 4

Little Britain is for dummies who love the same punchlines over and over again. This show is actually good. Enjoy! Now I gotta go. I saw something mildly arousing.

Oh wait. In other British comedy news, Ricky Gervais is in nearby Lowell shootin’ a movie. But for Christ’s sake, why is Jonah Hill in that one too? I’m tired of seeing that guy and his giant, hairy, neck bubble in all the comedies. Apatow, use more Haverchuck!