29 Cent Book Bin

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Another late BFW. This one was supposed to be up on Friday, and was already written then, so it’s just an odd coincidence that it went up the day Bloomberg kicked out Occupy Wall Street. I was inking and coloring this during the whole eviction and jotting down a few ideas. Who knows if they’ll turn into a cartoon. I’m pretty fucking tired as I write this. They could all turn out to be incoherent garbage.

The only other thing I have to say about this cartoon is that the Heaven one is based on a real book. I browse the bestseller lists looking for material for this recurring bit, and was stunned to learn Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back has been topping the charts forever. I mean, of course it’s popular; people love feel-good garbage. I just mean it was off my radar, which is odd considering the author’s last name is Burpo.

Now to squeeze out a few nuggets of sleep before getting back into the cartooning grind.

Republican Presidential Debate-athon

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I subjected myself to last Tuesday’s debate, and thankfully came up with a cartoon idea for my troubles. It’s simultaneously hilarious and horrifying that Herman Cain is considered a serious front-runner. Whenever he speaks, he sounds like that kid in class who didn’t do the reading but was very good at bullshitting his way to a C+. (I don’t have facts to back that up.)

The song Romney’s singing is a parody of The Modern Lovers’ Roadrunner. Only Jonathan Richman can make me feel sentimental for Boston’s Route 128, and driving on that nasty ol’ clusterfuck of a beltway.

And due to the Occupy Boston events going on in Dewey Square, Richman should put out an updated version Lonely Financial Zone.