Bigfoot Exists!

I went camping in Coleman State Park way up in northern New Hampshire last weekend. I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys camping far away from pampered campers and their giganto RVs.

There is wildlife all over the park, especially loons and moose. But the big surprise was capturing photographic evidence that at least one Bigfoot lives in New Hampshire’s Great North Woods:


At approximately 5’3″ and with a footprint around a men’s 7.5 US, this creature isn’t anywhere near “big,” but it is very hairy, has a foul odor, and avoids contact with most humans.

Catching Up on Crap

I seen a bigfoot!

After a surprisingly quick drive-thru chat with the US Border Patrol, I spent a couple of days in the Vermont wilderness, where I happened upon the rare natural phenomenon known as the Harpoon BBQ Fest.

I like Vermont. It is the New Englandiest state in New England. For the curious, here are my rankings from most New Englandy to least: Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut (Eastern half only). These rankings are final and binding.

Now I’m back home trying to make a cartoon and catch up on everything else that makes me such a miserable asshole before I move a couple blocks down the street this weekend. If I missed an email or two, keep resending that bad boy! I’ll get back to you eventually.