Journal of Obscure Medical Conditions

Dick and shit jokes, yet somehow I have the nerve to mock “Family Guy.” I’m one elitist douchebag all right.

From the Mailbag:

Regarding this week’s cartoon, Dudley informs me:

RE: Constant Sarcasm Disorder

I seem to remember this disorder from an old Kids in the Hall sketch (I guess that means I have Humour Blindness [we include the extra letter in Australia]).


And my reply:


Drat! As I was writing it, I was so convinced I was ripping of the Mr. Show sketch “sarcastic letter writer” that when I checked my DVD, I didn’t even think I was ripping off Kids in the Hall.

Since you remembered it, you certainly don’t have Humor Blindness. (I leave the superfluous ‘u’ out because I love America, eagles, and freedom fries.) You have what’s known as acute Humor Sensitivity.

Thanks for the heads-up,

PS: I hear you’ve got a great big rock down there.

Unlike Dane Cook, I do my best to avoid using material that I’ve heard somewhere else. I don’t remember the sketch, so it may also be a case of convergent thinking. But I’ve consumed tons of comedy over the years and this could have easily slipped through. Also the fact that I don’t own the Kids’ DVDs might have helped.

Next Week: Kids Say the Most Pragmatic Things: Vol. III