Town Hall Smack Down!

Town Hall Smack Down!
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Is Smack Down one or two words? TRICK QUESTION! I don’t care.

Thanks to Barney Frank, the nutbars at these things are starting to get the lack of respect they deserve. Now if only adults were allowed to speak at these things. Maybe something like a childproof cap placed over the microphones can make that happen. This would make Republican town halls incredibly silent, but that’s a feature, not a bug.

BOSTON AREA: The beer, slideshow, and booksigning is just one week away. Saturday, August 29, 4-7pm @ The Burren in Davis Square Somerville. Tell your friends. Bring your friends. Trick a stranger into thinking he’s your friend and bring him too!

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Matt Taibbi Is a National Treasure

I’m pretty sure this was written before her poll numbers started to fall, but his point still stands. The folks who were wowed by her when she was first rolled out are still fuckin’ dumb. It just turns out that they’re not quite as fuckin’ dumb as she is.

Here’s what Sarah Palin represents: being a fat fucking pig who pins “Country First” buttons on his man titties and chants “U-S-A! U-S-A!” at the top of his lungs while his kids live off credit cards and Saudis buy up all the mortgages in Kansas.

Maybe some good ol’ fashioned hard times will get these morons’ minds right.

Hot Lattes

Following up on Shannon’s post, it seems like we’re getting closer to Idiocracy much faster than it took Orwell’s work to become realized here in the States. I heard about these sexy espresso huts a month or so ago when some perv had a pot of hot water tossed on him, but I had no idea it was a phenomenon.

But who am I to judge? I often make coffee in my underwear too, and I don’t even get paid.

The Least You Can Do

The Least You Can Do
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I did a similar cartoon a few weeks ago. I suppose this comic should be aimed only at the ignorant. Stupids and morons can’t help that their genes are just fuckin’ dumb.  But screw those retards.

Hopefully that’ll earn me a Tropic Thunder sized boycott from the Dum-Dum Club and all the publicity that entails.

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What’s On Low Information Voters’ Minds?

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Once again, here’s a cartoon that would be vastly improved if you imagine Tracy Jordan saying all the lines. I swear I’m one step away from writing Tracy Jordan fan fiction. Tracy in Space!

This is an early update from Canada. I’ll be in the Vermont woods tonight, far away from the internet. Let’s hope that the US border patrol isn’t a bunch of dicks.

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