The Rich and Poor Victims of Climate Change

The Rich and Poor Victims of Climate Change

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Yikes! I’ve been pretty lazy with keeping this blog up to date. January was chock full of extraneous work that comes with the freelance territory. So with much delay, here is the cartoon from two Sundays ago.

Scientists agree that we’re pretty much fucked as far as climate change goes. “We” being those young enough to not die of natural causes before 2050. If you’re old, congrats! You will die free from the hellscape you’ve bequeathed to the rest of us.

Lost: Issues

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Look at me getting all holier-than-thou at the peak of election season. But no mention of climate change in the first three debates is pretty egregious. I know there are many more important issues I left out, but hopefully I can get to them when things go back to their regular level of crazy after the election

Fighting the Culture War

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We’re balls-deep into Silly Season, so we spent a week arguing about chicken sandwiches instead of shit that really matters, like income inequality and voter disenfranchisement. Matt Bors tears the stupidity apart more eloquently here.

Hopefully we’ll fight over condiments this week. I’m pre-emptively taking sriracha’s side.

In Boardrooms Across the Country …

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Corporate profits are at an all-time high, but for some reason the economy’s still in the shitter. The reason? Trickle down economics doesn’t work. Corporations have no incentive to increase wages or create jobs, unless they’re thinking about the long-term macro-economic picture. If the rabble class has a few extra dollars, they’ll spend it immediately and create a multiplier effect on the larger economy, including the 1%’s obscenely large portfolios. But greedy fucks tend not to be that insightful.

Unions used to be around to fight for this stuff, but a bunch of dum-dums got conned into cheering their decimation thanks to the crab mentality. Now we’re all working our asses off, increasing productivity for corporate bottom lines without any benefits to ourselves. Shit is fucked up. If you’re not angry, you’re either rich, stupid or both.

General Strike of the Unemployed

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For years, after I had a few beers, I’d start rambling about how May Day needed a revival in the United States to anyone who’d listen. Of course, I am all talk and no action. I’m hoping Occupy Wall Street is organized enough to revive the day and itself, but we’ll see.

Also, it’s insane that general strikes are illegal in this country. We only have the right to redress our grievances with the government, not our bosses. That pretty much illustrates who’s really in charge.

Tax Credits for the 99 Percent

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As a single, self-employed, childless person who rents, I don’t get any tax credits or incentives come tax time. That’s bullshit. I’m poor too, you know.

Adding credits and deductions to the tax code doesn’t really address the underlying causes of income inequality, the largest of which is that wages are too damn low. Another one is that banks get to borrow money from the Fed at a rate that’s essentially zero, while charging us insane interest rates, making profits from nothing. But it keeps inflation down, which keeps our debts up, so it’s cool!

Personal Poverty Trainer

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This cartoon is my response to this whiny article from a couple weeks ago. Primary stuff and Snowe’s resignation kept me from doing a comic on it at the time, but the main guy from the article, Andrew Schiff, appeared on All Things Considered last week, and annoyed me so much that I had to come back to it.

The election circus, and slightly less-than-shitty jobs numbers have kept income inequality out of the news, especially with the dispersal of Occupy Wall Street, but it should always be front-and-center. If people don’t earn enough, they can’t buy shit, which is a huge hindrance to economic growth. Way more than some douche not being able to rent a beach house in Connecticut.


Mitt Romney’s 2012 Gaffe Preview

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I’m still confident cartooning under the assumption that Romney’s getting the nomination, despite this week’s crazy fluctuations in South Carolina polls. He’s the only one with the money and establishment backing to move onto the bigger primary states. And yes, Ron Paul will continue to come in second, but he is running for the Republican nomination. They love wars n’ stuff. No way they’re nominating an isolationist.

Mitt Romney’s rich. Insanely rich. Besides being out of touch, it also means he has always gotten his way. Notice how whenever he’s challenged, either in a debate, town hall meeting, or news interview, he gets really snippy. If his poll numbers get desperate, we might see that snippiness escalate into a rich person’s version of a punch: the limp-wristed tossing of silver dollars at his target, complete with tennis-style grunting.

Check out Jen’s comic about Romney’s strapped-on-shittin’-setter. She managed to make a point about it, whereas I just referenced it, for giggles.

Funyuns are gross. My emergency vending machine snack of choice is peanut butter and cheese crackers, because I’m not a $250 million douche who likes fake onions.