Buffalo Bill Won’t You Come Out Tonight

I happened upon this video while dicking around last night. I was originally looking at a Lego-animated song from Silence! The Musical, and I went on a Buffalo Bill Google-Spirit Quest after that.  I didn’t think much of the song until I realized I was singing it in my head while showering this morning. It is wonderfully catchy. MANGINA ALERT!

My apologies if this was everywhere a few years ago and I just missed it. Here’s Greenskeepers’ website. It redirects right to their MySpace page, so click only if you are from 2006.

Beware Bonnie “Prince” Billy

I didn’t know he had a new album out until I read about it in the AV Club this morning. I picked it up right away. It came out a perfect time too, since I’m suffering from podcast and news fatigue.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy – I Am Goodbye, Beware

He’s great and all, but he makes me feel inadequate about my own facial hair. If beards were boobs, he’d have solid D’s while I’m rocking nothing but bee stings.

Wanna Be In PA

Eagles of Death Metal – Wanna Be In LA

PA, LA, it’s all the same. Both are somewhere “out west” to me. I’m off to the land of Yuengling for a couple of weeks, with a brief stop in Baltimore to get my Natty Boh on.

Unless one of those famous bitter Pennsylvanians accidentally shoots me while clinging to a gun, you probably won’t even notice I’m away. Updates and stupid blog posts like this one will continue as usual. The only setback is that I won’t be able to mail out any orders until I get back. But everyone’s poor and not buying stuff anyway.

My Swingin’ Pad

Ever since the credits rolled on that Mad Men episode from two weeks ago, (with Don in the jet on the way to LA) I’ve been diving into all of the Tornados work. I previously only heard of Robot, thanks to my Scopitone jag last year.

Telstar – The Tornados

I love the show, but that Decemberists song they stuck in there earlier in the season needs to be axed when the DVD comes out and replaced with something from the period. Unless Marty McFly visits Sterling-Cooper in the finale and starts blasting indie music from his Delorean.

Now I’m gonna have an old fashioned while I work on this next cartoon.

Will Oldham: The Shit, or Just an Awesome Dude?

Moving and these lazy summer days have rendered my blog-testicles impotent of blurb-sperm. So here are some Will Oldham clips I enjoy:

Easy Does It

Cold & Wet

Kanye West – Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ w/ Zach Galifianakis and Will Oldham directed by Michael Blieden

I tried to embed a clip of Will Oldham as Pastor Pigmeat in “Horse Apples,” but Viacom is a buncha dicks. That clip could’ve sold a DVD or two of Wonder Showzen, but their unusable embedding code prevented me from doing that. In that spirit, search for a torrent of the Mathematics episode of Wonder Showzen instead. A link to the full episode in super-shitty quality can be found here.

The “Horse Apples” episode of Wonder Showzen is a source of much conflict between me and my friends. They can’t stand it; yet I love it. I rewatch it all the time, and force everyone who sits in front of my TV (or computers) to eventually succumb to its genius. That episode summarized our terrible decade in 22 painfully hilarious basic cable minutes. Wonder Sowzen never had the Smothers Brothers’ numbers, but it deserved to. As a critique of the media and its audience, “Horse Apples” clips will be preserved forever in all the future documentaries that try to explain what the fuck was up with us turn-of-the-century douchebags.

But I’m not such a Grumpy Gus that I’d end on that sour note, so here’s a squirrel frolicking to a Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy song:

Just to See My Holly Home

While I’m Up

New Beck is greater than Girl Talk for the simple reason that Beck actually made all the shit on his album. Girl Talk is one step above me in my parents’ cupboard banging on pots in 1980. But I admit those 1980 pots got shafted by David Byrne, who banged on said pots in 1982’s Pot-Banging-Fuck-Explosion, but I’ll give him a pass since he was like 900 million-years-old at the time. (Ha! Take that, old dude who actually deserves my respect!)