Barack Obama’s Time-Traveling “Kill Lists”

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This comic was largely inspired by this NYT article and another from Newsweek that appeared earlier in the week. It’s basically a sequel to this cartoon I drew before any of the details of the targeted strike program came to light. Obama’s decision to do this is purely political. He is driven by fear of having a terrorist attack occur on his watch, because the GOP will beat him to death over it. Either that, or the part of his brain that remembers Constitutional Law has suffered a debilitating stroke.

Colbert had an excellent segment about this nonsense last Thursday:

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Boehner’s Agenda

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Boehner’s a tool. Matt Taibbi expands on that, and backs it up with facts in this article.

Unless someone is dead, dying, or making you watch something Seth MacFarlane created, crying in public is unacceptable, for both men and women. If you’re not comfortable farting in front of someone, you shouldn’t cry in front of them. Babies fart and shit all over the place, so naturally they’re allowed to cry whenever they want. In summation, tears are eye-farts; keep them to yourself and loved ones.

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Konservative Komix

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This is sort of a companion piece to Conservative Horror Comics, which I did almost two years ago. The lameness of conservative humor is equal to or perhaps even lamer than the humor you’ll find on a daily comics page. Not all daily comics are bad, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with the format, as Ruben Bolling’s Super-Fun-Pak Comix routinely illustrate its hilarious potential. Editors are just making terrible, lazy decisions.

I was going to go off on the demise of newspaper (both daily and weekly) comics, but Derf has been on the topic as of late, and I’m feeling as lazy as Jim Davis.

I feel kind of bad taking digs at Davis, because as awful as it is, Garfield was my first comics favorite at 7 years old. From there I moved on to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and then it was a quick jump to Groening’s Life in Hell. Actually I take that back. If it wasn’t for Davis, I’d probably be in a more stable career writing corny jokes for commercials with talking CGI babies.

Get me drunk, and I will go on and on about comedy theory and why I believe conservatives are handicapped at being funny, but I will spare you for now.

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