Economic Stimulus Proposals

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The economy is still a shit-sandwich that we’re all eating. Except for the super-rich. Those fuckers are doing fine.

Next Sunday is the 10th anniversary of 9/11, so I’ll be doing something about that, if you were wondering when I’d be taking a break from hammering away at the economy.

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Mobility Unemployeds

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The government finally figured out that the scooter racket is a scam. And yeah, this is another cartoon about unemployment. It is way more important than the deficit, and actually a major contributor to it.

And minority unemployment is at Depression levels. We can gawk at what’s going on in the UK, but the conditions are the same, if not worse, over here.

Next Week: Alternative Economic Indicators

Austerity Survival Guide

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Unless you’re a rich dick, the “recovery” of the last year or so never materialized. Growth has been anemic, if at all, and unemployment is still at 9%! I know I’ve been harping on the unemployment thing, but it’s a pretty big deal. The more people who are working, the more revenues come in, even with the shitty Bush tax cuts being extended by Obama in perpetuity.

The State of Unemployment

Hey bloggerinos! Sorry I didn’t mention this earlier, but this past week has been a vile shitbag of delays. Anyway, I’m doing a weekly cartoon for the New York Times’ Sunday Review for the next couple of months. The first one’s already up and called The State of Unemployment.

I don’t think there will be much difference between what I do there and here at BFW HQ, except of course not swearing and focusing on current events rather than dick n’ fart jokes.

Matt Bors asked me a few questions about the gig, and you can find them and my answers over on Cartoon Movement. And Ted Rall has some insights about it as well.

The nearly two-day-late BFW comic is finally up too, but I’ll give that a post of its own in the morning.

Zombie R. Murrow

One year after “Recovery Summer,” unemployment hasn’t budged. And it’s increased if you count the millions who’ve given up. But another politician did something with his ding dong, so let’s cover that! Of course, with this cartoon, I’m contributing to the ridiculous news cycle I’m ostensibly deriding, and not as cleverly as Jen or Matt.

Gas Prices

If unemployment figures and other important economic statistics were plastered on easy-to-read signs at every intersection, maybe dum-dums would finally realize how bad income inequality has gotten in this country and get mad for the right reasons. Of course, that would require them to understand the difference between average and median, so I’m just gonna stop that line of thought.

Put your diaper-pants on tomorrow morning! A shit joke is coming up in Friday’s cartoon!