My Dumb Voice. Now with My Dumb Face!

When I was in DC for Damn Cartoons in September, I gave a brief “Chalk Talk” about RomneyCare and how it helped me go from broke-ass unknown cartoonist to slightly-less-broke kinda-well-known cartoonist. Here’s the video. Like myself, the talk ran short, but Joel Pett ran a fun Q&A with me to fill the empty couple of minutes. That’s not in the video though. You shoulda been there, doofus!

But if you missed it, there are tons of talks from more talented (and better prepared) cartoonists up on the site now.

Rejected Romney Campaign Slogans

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“Believe in America” is the perfectly lame slogan for a perfectly lame candidate. But if Romney wanted to switch it up during this endlessly stupid campaign, he could use any of these.

I really do have health care thanks to ol’ Massachusetts Mittens. The state’s public option is way more robust than the Obama version, but 2013 could be a squeaker for me to re-qualify. So keep your fingers crossed that I Price is Right that shit and my 2012 income is just one dollar below the threshold.