Potential SOPA/PIPA Revisions

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Since SOPA and PIPA were shelved following last Wednesday’s blackouts, this comic is kind of late to the discussion, but the bills’ backers will attempt to trot out a revised version sooner rather than later. I also wanted to draw Chris Dodd’s man-boobs. You’ll notice that since this was for the New York Times, I avoided coloring his nipples and going crazy with veins and hair. Because I am RESPONSIBLE.

Anyone who thinks it’s just Republicans who cravenly do their donors’ bidding should have been enlightened by who continued to support these bills following the widespread online opposition. Sure, supporting Hollywood’s mad grab for extending copyright privileges isn’t as bad destroying the economy, environment, and everything else, but it’s still shitty.

As for reducing (you can never stop it) online piracy, the solution’s simple: Price your shit fairly, and make it easy to use. I pay $8 a month to both Hulu and Netflix instead of a pricey cable package, and that keeps me pretty much up-to-date with pop culture. As for sports, that’s why bars were invented. Paying more than $10 a month for any content-related thing is obscene. It generally costs $30-$50 to get internet access, so if you think your one thing is worth more than a third of the Internet, you have seriously overvalued your product. And yes, that also applies to a certain newspaper with a soft paywall.


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The iPad was launching in the UK while I was there, so I received a double-dose of the hype and wrote this as a result.

I have no problem with Apple hardware, it’s the prudish and clumsy management of their online stores that annoys me, not to mention the loud fandom that the company inspires. And if I had a few hundred extra bucks in my wallet, I might buy whatever their hot new gadget is.

Also, Steve Jobs might’ve said some douchey things about my pal Mark Fiore. Not cool, Cupertino!

And for fuck’s sake, please stop tweeting about your iPad. It’s a highly-portable computer. I get it. I’d rather hear about whatever boring-ass shit your lame kids or stupid dog did.

Next Week: Opt-In to Your Rights

Internet Knockoffs

Internet Knockoffs
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If you don’t dick around on the web, this probably won’t make much sense to you. But if you’re not dicking around online, there’s no way you’d be reading my blog. So I’m gonna call you out as a dirty liar.

I did something similar in January, and it’s surprising how most of these new ones weren’t on my radar back then, except for steampunk and email scams, both of which are things I’ve had to quickly delete or scroll past every goddamn day since I first hooked up my Tandy to the outside world.

Bozadee Bopping could be the new Keyboard Cat, or maybe something like a rimshot to punctuate a sentence where a “Shut the Fuck Up” meaning was conveyed. For reference:

He starts Bozadee-Bopping at 3:27

Lastly, a quick reminder about the three ways you can support the strip: Buy stuff, follow it on Twitter and Facebook, and smite my enemies in my honor.

Next Week: Oscar Season

Geek Gadget Guide

Geek Gadget Guide
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I’m trying out a new time for when the blog auto-updates with the comic post. I’ll still upload the comic to the site on Thursday nights, but figure Friday morning in the US is a better time for it to pop up in peoples’ RSS readers. Besides, the West Coast and beyond have been enjoying BFW before bed on Thursdays for too long! The website clearly says “Updates Every Friday!” You guys were cheating.

But it’s an experiment that will have to wait a couple weeks. I’m leaving for a two-week road trip starting tomorrow and updates will depend entirely on when I can find the internet amongst the gators, Piggly Wigglies, and racists of the South. Man, oh man, I can’t wait to get away from this abusive asshole.

Next Week: More Recession Recipes

Bonus Timewaster: After posting the cartoon, Rockwell informed me of an online Oregon Trail emulator.

Smooth Career Move, Me!

I just found out about this latest bit of awesome from MIT’s Media Lab:

For those who don’t know, I was an engineering nerd before I became a cartoonist nerd. I probably don’t do enough math jokes to make it that obvious.

Anyway, this touchy-feely-projecto shit is going on just a mile or two down Mass Ave from where I’m illustrating fart jokes for pennies here in Davis Square. Clearly, there must be someone to blame for this injustice.

And it is 16-year-old me. If that curly-haired freakazoid did just a little better on his SATs, MIT wouldn’t have rejected him. He would have gotten his gentleman’s B thanks to MIT’s generous curve, and after some fuzzy steps I’m not too clear on, I’d be rolling profit. I’m kidding of course. One more year of programming or AutoCAD, and I would’ve gone mental.

I’m glad some folks can endure it to produce this cool shit. It won’t be long until my tweets are projected on public toilets.