So Long, Orel!

It’s a shame Moral Orel‘s ten weekly minutes of stop-motion hilarity was eating into so much valuable dumbshit random stoner comedy that it was canceled. My only comfort is that Dino didn’t have to worry about ratings while making this final season so he can take Orel’s odyssey into some truly freaky territory.

Confidential to Television Executives: Is there anything I like you won’t fuck up? Don’t say The Office either. All that cutesy Jim and Pam shit belongs in an airport novel, not on my comedy stories.

My Swingin’ Pad

Ever since the credits rolled on that Mad Men episode from two weeks ago, (with Don in the jet on the way to LA) I’ve been diving into all of the Tornados work. I previously only heard of Robot, thanks to my Scopitone jag last year.

Telstar – The Tornados

I love the show, but that Decemberists song they stuck in there earlier in the season needs to be axed when the DVD comes out and replaced with something from the period. Unless Marty McFly visits Sterling-Cooper in the finale and starts blasting indie music from his Delorean.

Now I’m gonna have an old fashioned while I work on this next cartoon.

I Still Love Television

I was pretty busy this summer, but I was able to catch up on a few wonderful television programs.

Generation Kill eased the shakes from my The Wire withdrawal. The guy who played Ziggy redeemed himself as Ray. Apparently the invasion of Iraq wasn’t as super-fucking-cool as the media led us to believe.

I finished the first season of Mad Men in two weekends. Why HBO passed on it is one of the great mysteries of our time. AMC has done an admirable job of blocking out the boobies and drugs. I’m holding off on the second season until it’s done, so please no spoilers. I hope they address how Zooey Bartlett found the Time Masheen.

That’s it besides news and sports. I’m going to be sticking my thumb in my butt until The Office and 30 Rock come back.

Ineffective Public Service Announcements

Title panel
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I got the idea to do fake PSAs from Abell’s cartoon last week. I wasn’t going to cover the pharmaceutical angle like he did, but after doing some YouTube research, I couldn’t help using those adorable singing pills.

Next Week: 22 Cent Book Bin

Below are clips of the PSAs that inspired this cartoon. Continue reading Ineffective Public Service Announcements

A Tourist’s Guide to Touristing

A Tourist's Guide to Touristing

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I sent this out to the papers with a you’re/your fuck-up. That’s almost as embarrassing as getting caught riding a Duck Boat in Boston. The only exception is if you’re on one of the local sports teams and it’s part of some sort of rolling rally.

I don’t really hate tourists this much. Now that college graduations are behind us, much of the Boston area will clear out and I can walk around without getting bogged down by students. Tourists stick to the same old spots that I rarely have a reason to visit.

“Cheers” has been off the air for over 15 years, but people still make a point of visiting where they shot the exteriors. I don’t begrudge the Bull & Finch for finally relenting and changing the name. I would gladly take dumb tourist cash too. But some dummies just visit the Fake Cheers in Faneuil Hall, order a Sam Adams and a bowl of chowder, then hop back on the plane back home. That just ain’t right.

Have an awesome Memorial Day weekend. Remember, no veteran or soldier ever did anything wrong. Ever. They are angels who walk the Earth. Even Lynndie England.

Next Week: Hard Times for the Rich