For the Record…

I’m pretty busy right now, but just wanted to say Jimmy Fallon sucks. Unlike Tina Fey, there’s no way Fallon will become a beloved comedy icon. That, and Tracy Morgan hates his guts. However, Conan will be on earlier, and Leno will ride his Dorito-mobile off into the sunset, so there are silver linings to this sad, unfunny cloud.

But I’m really a hypocrite. Much like Fallon, I giggle at all my comics while I’m drawing them. I also star in shitty movies in my spare time.

For All My Fellow Freelancers

That Mitchell and Webb Look – Season 2, Episode 4

Little Britain is for dummies who love the same punchlines over and over again. This show is actually good. Enjoy! Now I gotta go. I saw something mildly arousing.

Oh wait. In other British comedy news, Ricky Gervais is in nearby Lowell shootin’ a movie. But for Christ’s sake, why is Jonah Hill in that one too? I’m tired of seeing that guy and his giant, hairy, neck bubble in all the comedies. Apatow, use more Haverchuck!