‘Cuz It’s Wednesday Baby

Here are some more Flight of the Conchords clips to whet your appetite for their series premiere this Sunday on HBO.

Business Time – Flight of the Conchords

If You’re Into It, plus two more songs.

The Humans Are Dead

Watch this show! If you don’t, then be prepared for me to roll my eyes in your general, lame-brain direction.

What a Little Weirdo!

I know I said I’d lay off the YouTube posts, but this isn’t some random video I found. This is a brief clip from the home movies I’m in the middle of digitizing. It’s my sister and myself at a cheesy amusement park that remarkably still exists.

I am absolutely, 100% sure that my little performance was an attempt to convince random passersby that I am an animatronic exhibit. There’s several other clips of me flinching at bugs and animals on this same vacation tape, but you’ll have to wait until American Masters runs out of subjects and starts covering obscure cartoonists of the aughts to see them.

Xmas Special

Feliz whatever the hell it is you celebrate. If you’re so inclined, you can watch last night’s show here. I hope the audio isn’t too fuzzy for you.

And for anyone who was offended by The Rise of the Pagan Right, watching this will probably make your head explode.

At some point in the future, we’ll post some web-only stuff in a desperate attempt at becoming the next internet comedy darlings.

Update: If you feel like commenting on the sketches or have an irresistible urge to rate them, you can do that on our YouTube page.

A Rambling Holiday Message

As promised, here’s a hastily produced holiday message, featuring a rather sloppy looking hobo I paid to pretend to be me. More coherent and polished videos will go up in the near future. I promise.

low low
high high

If my ban on personal checks is the only thing preventing you from buying things, leave a comment and I’ll probably change my mind. I’m fickle!

Video Test

I was fortunate enough to get a DV camera this week. I’m just learning how to use it now, but I hope to be posting clips and sketches fairly frequently in 2005, since putting a video together is a lot less tedious than drawing a comic strip.

For now, I just slapped one little clip together to make sure all the hardware works and to get familiar with the video editing software. It’s not particularly funny, but fans of BFW might be interested to see how each strip is put together.

Behind The Scenes at Big Fat Whale
QuickTime – 512kbs
QuickTime – 100kbs

I rendered the video as QuickTime because it seems to be the most common format and it’s complaint free with most systems. Let me know if there are any issues with downloading or formats. I have no idea what I’m doing.

It’ll be a while before I post more substantial clips. Just wanted to give you all an idea of what’s in store for the site.