Air America In Just One Northeast City

Air America launches today, but only in NY, LA, Chicago (Chiaquihuacan), Portland, and San Bernadino. Al Franken and Janeane Garofalo among others will begin to take on certain pill popping bloviators.

I don’t understand why they couldn’t get some air time here in Boston, where NPR shows like Morning Edition and All Things Considered get played in simulcast on WBUR and WGBH. WGBH stinks because they fill most of their day with stuff even I, Professor Baron Von Smartypants, finds pretentious, like jazz and a radio tour of the stereoscope museum, while ignoring programs like Talk of the Nation and Fresh Air.

I know their goal is to get a liberal point of view on the air in the swing states like PA and OH, but it wouldn’t hurt to build up a following in some of the blue states to get things going. I have no problem with NPR; I listen to it all the time. However, despite what some blowhards claim, it is not liberal radio, and it is certainly not the place I turn to for humor. The only time it makes me laugh out loud is during This American Life and there was one time when Robert Smigel, as Triumph, was being interviewed by Terry Gross.

I’d even settle for a streaming feed, but the Air America Radio site is pretty spartan and is getting whacked with all the press today.

It would also be another option for background noise as I slave away at the cartoons. I have a shitload of CDs, but they’re starting to get as repetitive as cable news. I’d say how many I listen to in the course of making a cartoon, but then you’d be able to figure out how slow I am.

Hyundai of Love Now Known as SS Fun Boat

This is a public service announcement, or more appropriately, a warning to anyone who may come within earshot of my car. This is far worse than the polka crisis of ’97, or the endless Magnetic Fields loop of ’03. I have been downloading bawdy sea chanteys for a good chunk of this week. It started out as wholesome ironic fun, but I fear I might actually like these songs.

Barnacle Bill the Sailor is currently my favorite.

Your Homework

If you don’t want to miss out on a dick joke in next week’s cartoon, make sure you know what priapism means.

I doubt there will be much blogging this week. I’ll be locked away trying to crap out another cartoon before I head to Ohio in the wee hours of Friday morning. Unless I-84 explodes before then.

I’m a Party Animal

Sorry for the decline in pontificating less than a week after I started this blog. I’ve been swamped trying to get everything squared away for SPACE. I had to get ahead in the comics and then I got a bit carried away with various arts and crafts projects for my table.

Despite all this activity, I managed to squeeze in time for some wild and crazy fun. Tonight I watched the entirety of the Democratic Party Unity dinner on C-SPAN2. It was the first time I ever paid attention to a speech by Bill Clinton; because back when he was president, I was willfully unaware of the political process, busy with school, and/or drunk. Oh how I miss the go go nineties.

His speech was about the Republican attack machine and the ridiculousness of tax cuts for the wealthy while running gigantic deficits. Those are basically just your run of the mill Democratic talking points, but he managed to make the speech entertaining. It really emphasized how both political parties are currently devoid of eloquent speakers.

A lot of people were swooning over John Edwards for being the greatest stump speaker since Clinton, but I don’t buy it. Edwards kept repeating his theme of “two Americas” over and over again like it was a ninth grade English paper. Clinton managed to tie everything together with a lot more finesse.

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give big ups to the man who was president when I was born, Mr. Jimmy Carter, who laid the smack down on Nader and his dipwad constituents.

You Can Be Big Brother

Neighbor Search is probably the most fascinating web application of our Orwellian times. I learned that one McFadden family in Tennessee really loves Dubya. They’ve each given the maximum amount allowed, which makes them pioneers, nepotism rangers, or whatever the Bush-Cheney campaign likes to call them. Luckily, the rest of my namesake appears to have not fallen to the dark side.

You can also look up the names of celebrities and what not.

Scarier Than Zombies

The Dawn of the Dead remake was awesome. It featured more cringe-inducing gore, humor, and power tool accidents than I was expecting. Anyone who claims it stinks because it lacks the social commentary vision of the original is a pompous ass who should be ignored for the rest of his life.

If you didn’t see the original, its social commentary consisted of zombies wandering the mall and “shopping” when they weren’t eating people, not exactly the most insightful subtext in a film.

But the scariest moment came before the movie even started, when the trailer for this abomination started. What’s really sad is that its director’s prior movie experience is primarily in casting extras.

I’m Number One!

After years in the shadows of This Guy and pages where people have spelt This Douchebag’s name wrong, Google has recognized me as the most important Brian McFadden. This probably won’t last, unless some ironic hipster in the distant future decides I’m worthy of having a posse.

I could take the high road and admit I googled myself, but I choose to fuel my delusions and claim I was just checking on the google status of the minor Brian McFaddens. Bonus narcissism awareness points if you noticed I linked to those guys without using their name in the link, for fear I would alter the mysterious Google ranking, and lose my throne as King of Shit Mountain.