Wonk Sabbatical

Friday’s cartoon is a daunting opus. I finished it early this morning and holy Christ does it have a lot of words and obscure references to American history. If that sort of thing doesn’t fill your banana hammock, I suggest skipping town and not coming back until the July 2nd comic is posted.

To make up for my heinous crime of comic verbosity, I’ll try to avoid commenting on all things wonkish until I post that cartoon’s extended commentary. That shouldn’t be hard, since, in a blast from the past, the news is all about the wangle of Clinton’s dangle, just like the glorious nineties. And during the entire nineties, I was so uninformed, I didn’t even know John Kerry was the non-Kennedy senator from my state. I don’t think I mentioned it before, but until around my 22nd birthday, I was exactly the kind of person I loathe today. Well, not entirely, I wasn’t a fatty. (except for the cheesesteak induced fatness of ’98-’99)

Since I’m going to avoid talking about politics, I thought I’d mention some crap that was news a couple of months ago to people who go outside. I just got around to seeing two awesome films: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and In America.

If you’re going to watch both in a row, I recommend watching In America first. Unless you’re a cold hard bastard, that movie will make you all drippy and useless at coming up with any sarcastic wry observations. A lesson I learned after watching it when I should’ve been making with the funny. But I highly recommend it. Keep in mind that I also really dug Terms of Endearment, so my opinion is about as worthless as your dear old granny’s. I don’t know if short hair is her schtick, but Samantha Morton, (Agatha the Pre-cog), is my new favorite indie actress. Sorry Thora, but that gum commercial, Lifetime movie, and Limp Bizkit video bumped you out of the prime Brian stalkin’ spot.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is another excellent Charlie Kaufman movie. Jim Carrey just acts and isn’t obviously gunning for an Oscar nod like he was in the by-the-numbers-biopic, Man on the Moon. The final chase scene through Malkovich’s head was my favorite part of Being John Malkovich, and this movie gave more of that and David Cross is in it. He’s the mark of quality indie films everywhere, Scary Movies aside.

On to the musical arts. I’ve bitched and moaned about MTV and corporate music for some time now, but I must give credit where credit is due. I gave up on music radio years ago (Air America, NPR, This American Life still rule), so the only way I get introduced to new music is if a friend recommends it, or I accidentally see a music video when I’m looking for 19-year-olds prancing around in their undahpants.

I liked their single and sheep slaughterin’ video, and through nefarious means, I’ve determined that Modest Mouse’s album, Good News for People Who Love Bad News is actually pretty good.

In an even stranger MTV occurrence, I’ve been introduced to an awesome track by the British group Faithless, and their single, Mass Destruction. I think it accidentally appeared on American MTV, because it was good and politically relevant, not like that shitty and obviously directed by a film student Incubus video. I don’t care much for their house music catalog, but Mass Destruction is an awesome Faithless track, and the video is quality too.

I drank four beers while writing this post. A gold star to whoever figures out how much time that equals.