Weekend Roundup

President Cry Baby
Poor George has filed a complaint with the Irish Embassy against that mean Irish lady who strayed from the interview script. White House Press Secretary, Scott McClellan will issue a mean review of this Irish performance of MacBeth at his next press conference.

Site Improvements
I think I’ve finally worked out all the bugs with the new site design. Thanks for the emails letting me know where the broken stuff was. Please keep it up, I only check things in IE and Firefox and I suck at web design.

I am not part of the “everything on the internet should be free” cult, and I believe advertising is essential to keeping anything of quality available on the web. If my cartoons can help sell ad space to escorts and bars in the print weeklies, there must be a similar, if not larger, market on the web.

Just a quick suggestion to anyone with the time and energy: I think something similar to Blog Ads could and should be developed for webcomics. If something like that already exists, let me know.

I turned off the blog comments. Blogger’s comment system was a pain in the ass. I know there are a bunch of good third party commenting services available, but I’m going to pass. I’ve always preferred the BFW Forum, and it doesn’t require any registration or anything to post.

It’s About Time
Sydney Blumenthal points out that Bush’s intricate tapestry of bullshit and intimidation is finally unraveling.

That’s certainly good news, but I want to know what world these people have been living in for the past three years. Showing up fashionably late in an election season is not something proper lads and lasses do.