Pedant Wednesday

This week’s non-comic related blog entry deals with science and undersea pedantry. Over the years, I’ve written these peeves into several comic strips, but my better judgement has prevented me from keeping them in the final drafts.

So in an attempt to excise these petty complaints from my brain and free that valuable real estate for the creation of new and derivative fart jokes, I will air them here. I don’t expect this to rally the masses to my cause. I would just like to put the Science Channel on notice.

The Bends. Whenever a science program mentions the bends, the narrator must explain that it is a condition caused by nitrogen gas in the bloodstream. Every time. We know. Just say the bends and use the time you saved to explain how a caisson could be lowered within inches of its target in the nineteenth century.

ROVs. Every time these things come up in some documentary about undersea exploration, it’s said, “An ROV, or Remotely Operated Vehicle.” If you have to explain the acronym each time you use it, don’t use the acronym. It’s not saving you any time. Some might say I’m biased against ROVs. It’s true. I fucking hate them. But this complaint is more about language than those evil underwater robots and their beady robot eyes.

I was going to include something about misuse of the word “casualty,” but it didn’t fit with the underwater theme. I also might want to use it should the Eavesdropping Avenger ever come back.

2 thoughts on “Pedant Wednesday”

  1. See, this is why I like you. You expect most people to be waaay smarter than they really are. Unfortunately, that leaves one with few (bearable) friends. Once you know something, it’s hard to pretend you don’t know (sigh). Just think of all the seven year olds watching the show about the bends who actually are hearing of it for the first time. They deserve to have a chance to be as smart as you, too. Okay, okay, I’ll shut up.

  2. I’d let it slide if it were episodes of Reading Rainbow we were talking about, but what 7 year-old watches Modern Marvels? Even I wasn’t that lame until 13 or so.

    Plus booze is the great equalizer. Pump me full of IPA and I’ll gladly ignore the fact that I’m surrounded by morons who don’t know the basics of maritime medicine.

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