A Mediocre Post

My dear darling sugar pies, sorry I haven’t been updating this more frequently. I’ve been busy waging war on Christmas. You’ll have to deal with Salon’s annoying site pass, but the article shows how fake wars on Christmas have been invented by dumbasses throughout history.

I’d post an opinion or two about the news, but I’d put myself to sleep. Sure it’s nice that people can finally mention leaving Iraq without having their throat slit by a ribbon magnet, but I certainly have no secret strategy for doing it without Iraq turning into a shit storm of piss, poo, and awfulness.

This week’s comic might make more sense if you’re familiar with the military’s use of white phosphorus. It’s still not getting much attention here in the US, but the rest of the world is pretty pissed about it. Although the semantic difference between “incendiary” and “chemical” weapons is weasely, I really don’t see what the big deal is. Flattening someone by dropping a conventional bomb on the hospital they’re in is no better than melting off their skin. Anyway, more on this when I post the toon.

I’ll make up for the lack of blog newness by posting a special holiday message with this week’s update.