Email Trouble

I just learned that every email I sent to AOL addresses in the past four months got vaporized by their wise and powerful spam filters. My guess is someone who uses the same hosting provider as me was actually a spammer, and they just decided to nuke everything within that provider’s range, being the computer geniuses that they are.

So if you’re using AOL, I can receive your emails. I just can’t send you anything. Fixing this is currently #237 on the shit I have to do in the next month list, so it might take a while.

2 thoughts on “Email Trouble”

  1. Using a friend’s computer, I just realized that I cannot post comments on your blog using AOL either. At first I just thought you specifically blocked me from ever commenting here again…and I was devastated.

  2. Oh shitballs. I have no idea why it’s doing that. I allow open proxies. I block the spam based on the websites people enter. I’d love to hear from any nerds on how I can fix this.

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