A Busy Bee Gathers No Moss

What happened to November? I had an entire month to get a bunch of shit done, but since the weather’s been so nice, I decided to download and watch every British comedy series I haven’t seen instead. If you’ve never watched Black Books, get on it. BBC America‘s only been airing a few episodes from the first season, but the more recent seasons are out there. It proves multi-camera sitcoms can still be good, which HBO’s Lucky Louie would’ve proven anyway.

November’s becoming the month where millions of Americans make it clear that they don’t like the things I like. Like last year when they re-elected Mr. Dum-Dum, illustrating that their distaste for homo-butt-sex was more important than reducing poverty and meaningless deaths. And this November they voted with their remotes, and killed Arrested Development. Way to go douchebags. 10,000 years of human history and The War at Home is what we’re beaming to civilizations across the universe.

I become slightly less sedentary in December. Besides my sketch troupe’s show in the info/annoying advertising section, I’ll be helping out the Comedy Bronze folks with a bit part in their It’s a Wonderful Life spoof. Dates and ticket info are in this email I lazily cut and pasted:

It's a Wonderful KnifeGeorge Bailey meets The Godfather in irreverent It’s a Wonderful Knife
One-act play premieres at The Tribe Theater on December 2, 2005
(Boston, MA) November 28th, 2005 –- On Friday, December 2, 2005, It’s a Wonderful Knife debuts at The Tribe Theater in Boston’s historic Theater District.

“They give off an energy that smacks of early Saturday Night Live casts” says INsite Boston magazine of show creator/performers Comedy Bronze.

In this topsy-turvy reimagining of the Frank Capra holiday classic, Christmas Eve is the crisis night for Giorgio Bollo, a small-time gangster from Badford Falls, NY.

When Heaven can’t be bothered to help, a devil named Clearance encourages Giorgio to achieve his big-time dreams by showing him what life would be like if he’d never been born. Unfortunately, it turns out that everyone would be a lot better off.

The Tribe, recent winner of The Boston Phoenix’s Best Comedy Club and Best Theatre Company awards for 2005, is a new type of theater company that unites the city’s best artists with the common goal of producing high quality entertainment. Its mission is to make Boston a city where artists gain national recognition, and make The Tribe a hub for Boston’s top improv, theater, music, and film talent.

Performances are at The Tribe Theater, located at 67 Stuart Street, Boston, MA on:

  • Friday, December 2
  • Thursday, December 8
  • Friday, December 16

Doors open at 7:30PM, and show time is at 8:00PM. Arrive early for good seats and parking. Advance tickets and directions are available online at www.tribeboston.com. Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door.

Admission also includes performances by some of New England’s finest improvisation troupes.