Giant Throbbing Dorks

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This comic should look familiar. I was in a rush, so repurposing some old school skin rags and a Charles Atlas ad seemed like a better use of my time than wasting it writing some half-assed jokes.

I could write a lengthy treatise on how the world would be a better place if useless knowledge were as valued as beauty, but that would be awfully nerdy of me. It would also be pretty disingenuous because I constantly mock the three people in the world who are nerdier than myself.

Utz You!

After decades of being held back by Wise and Cape Cod potato chips, Utz has finally made it to the cold and barren hinterlands where I live. This is the most important thing that has ever happened to me since I found a case of Mr. Pibb at a Stop & Shop.

Why do I like Utz? Old Bay seasoning and my creepy fascination with round-headed corporate mascots from the twenties are the primary reasons.

In other news, I’ve been zinged and zanged by some ladies and/or Ladymen because of this cartoon. As the Larry Summers controversy fades away, that comic might need a disclaimer explaining who he is and why I’m not an asshole.