Ogle My Lady Parts

Have you ever wanted to see me jiggle and dance, or imagined what I would look like as a school marm? Wait no longer, my dear stranger. Come to An Tua Nua at 8:30 tonight to see The Good Students perform our first show of 2006, which I’ve unofficially dubbed Brian McFadden Is Not a Man.

In fact, you should just go there every Tuesday night. Bragging to Children, who has joint custody of two of The Good Students, hosts a show every week featuring comedy, music, and their own excellent brand of sketch comedy and improv.

Find a Cure

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A child that exhibits behaviors typical of the Republican Party would be deemed a sociopath by any objective observer. I know I would look down on the parents of a child who started a war on false pretenses or gave tax breaks to all of his asshole Gymboree friends.

Sorry this cartoon isn’t about a particular issue. It’s just blatant complaining about the illness that has decimated our nation over the past twenty-five years. Republicanism prior to Reagan was a benign illness that could be held in check by an aggressive press. Sadly, the disease has infected the cure.

Fine. I confess. I just wanted to satirize the phrase full-blown AIDS. I’m a horrible person.

Please Enjoy a Grainy Music Video

nellie_plh.jpgSince Sony’s not likely to release it anytime soon, here’s the (Google) video for Real Life, a track from Nellie McKay’s shelved Pretty Little Head album.

I’ve listened to the whole thing and I don’t see why it shouldn’t be released. Get Away From Me may be slightly better, but I like this one just as much. And if the hang-up really is that Sony wants to reduce the number of tracks, I think that’s stupid. Even if no one likes a certain track on an album, they can skip it or rate it poorly in their media player. Sony shouldn’t make that decision for everyone.

Releasing her album might also absolve our nation for the crime of raping the world’s eardrums with the Black Eyed Peas’ Lady Lumps (Improved version of the video).

Every music video I’ve seen since MTV stopped showing them has been found on videos.antville.org.

Spread the Good News

Don’t let old ladies and grumpy humorless party poopers be the only ones to decide the fate of your favorite comics. Write a letter to your local alt-weekly and thank them for the great comics they run, or suggest some they should add. And be nice about it. No one likes a dick.

Matt and Mikhaela give more reasons why doing this will improve your life and make strangers love you.

Hey lazy bones, you’re not getting away that quickly. Here’s the Boston Phoenix’s contact info and the Free Times’ contact info.

Ahoy Confused Girls!

Ever since I removed the disclaimer that explicitly stated I am not this (Warning: Shitty music will play automatically!) Brian McFadden, the confused emails have been trickling in. It was funny two years ago, but now it’s just annoying.

I took down the disclaimer because no one here in America has heard of Westlife. And anyone in the UK or Ireland of normal intelligence can immediately tell I’m American, on account of all the complaining about American politics and pop culture, not to mention this site’s lack of superfluous Us. However, that still leaves plenty of dim people who believe an Irish pop musician started a random American comic strip.

That rather long preamble was just a way to point out this hilarious discussion I found in my referrer logs this morning. To their credit, most seem aware that we are two different people.

So please, before you ask if I’m that Brian McFadden, ask yourself if you really believe some half-wit preening boy bander would really give a shit about American politics or waste his time drawing a comic strip instead of rolling around in his piles of money.

Of course, things could be worse. My parents could’ve chosen to name me Ashlee Simpson.

My sympathies go to everyone who suffers the indignity of sharing a name with two talentless hacks.

Journal of Specious Medicine

journal of specious medicine
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This cartoon is just a bunch of dumb medicine jokes. I did the same thing almost two years ago. I spent most of last week trying to put together another political strip, but nothing worked out. If the White House let people know Cheney shot a man in a more timely fashion, I’d have had time to put something together for my Monday deadline.

The three of you who are familiar with stuff I’ve done outside of the comic will know Lazy Eyes is my preferred go-to punchline disease. I had space to fill and am not above stealing from myself.

I don’t think any of the panels deserve any commentary. I just hope the football one makes sense. It’s hilarious in my head, but I fear most people won’t see the humor in Hank Williams Jr. dancing around a stroke victim singing, “Are you ready for some football?”

Next week, something political that has nothing to do with shooting a man in the face.

Long Live Conelandia!

I admit to being one of the people who thought Conan was doing the Finland bit a little too frequently*, but this made my day. We’re just a few years away from the day when we can enjoy Conan without accidentally seeing Jay Leno say goodnight.

In other entertainment news, I believe I’ve somehow become part of the gay demographic. I’m addicted to Project Runway and that Kathy Griffin reality show.

*It’s still better than Celebrity Quizzes.

Farewell Bluths

Just a heads up to those of you who might’ve missed Will Arnett’s appearance on the Daily Show last night; Fox will be airing the final four episodes of Arrested Development tonight. I don’t watch anything else on Fox, so it’s possible they’ve been promoting it, and I just missed it. But somehow I doubt it.

While I wouldn’t mind another network picking up AD, I’d be much happier if Mitch Hurwitz and his crew were given a shot at developing another comedy for a network that would actually support it beyond pilot season. NBC could easily use another critically acclaimed comedy on Thursday nights sandwiched between The Office and My Name is Earl, without losing any viewers. I know I don’t even bother tuning in to whatever lame sitcoms they run before Earl.

At least I get to watch 2 hours of all new AD episodes followed by a brand new Battlestar Galactica tonight.

The Unitary Executive

The Unitary Executive
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Proponents of a unitary executive are some evil motherfuckers. They believe that the same corporate hierarchical structures that gave us Enron, Worldcom, and Chicken Fries should be applied to our government. Not all of them believe everything the President does should be above the law, but all of them agree that the executive branch of government should be the most powerful and that the president has absolute authority over every government agency.

I already talked specifically about the wiretapping, so I won’t bother repeating any of that. Those in favor of the unitary executive aren’t doing it to make fighting terrorism more efficient. It’s just an excuse. They’re simply trying to concentrate power.

This is America, not some shady war-torn nation that needs a strong-armed despot at the top to keep things under control. Anyone who’s willing to give the President the authority to gag the EPA because they’re scared of terrorists is a bigger threat to democracy than any dirty bomb ever could be.

The tepid Democratic response is also infuriating. Their measured and politically cautious approach only helps the media frame the wiretapping as just another partisan squabble, not the shameless power grab that threatens to undermine the authority of the legislature and judiciary that it is.

If you didn’t notice it already, I updated the store and made it easier to order color prints of the comics and original cartoons.