Don’t Be Lame Boston

Take a minute to keep Mikhaela from getting squeezed out of the Phoenix. My fart jokes are fine and dandy for the sudoku page, but what’s an editorial section without hard-hitting political cartoons? (Answer: the editorial page in the dailies.)

Hardly anyone writes to editors about comics. So whenever they receive a letter, it’s assumed it reflects the opinions of a lot of people. This is why the “old ladies who have nothing better to do with their lives” demographic is over-representated on the comics pages.

And if you do happen to write a letter to your local alt-weekly about BFW, let me know so I can send them some promotional stuff. I’m thinking of including a tasteful glamour shot of me on a bear skin rug in my next packet.

Global Warming Is Hilarious*

Global Warming
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I figured I’d capitalize on the publicity for Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and finally do a cartoon about global warming, which is real, unlike angels, which are fake. I had all my jokes written, when suddenly, reality stole one of my jokes. The joke in question centered around a PR campaign for CO2, which gets a bad rap for causing global warming, even though it also makes soda taste awesome.

Turns out big oil really thought that shit would fly. Forced to scrap that joke, I ended up using the one about the giant chaos butterfly, which is too close to one of Ruben Bolling’s Super-Fun-Pak Comix characters. I was either lazy or making a comment on the frequency of plagiarism in our society. You decide.

If this cartoon didn’t satisfy your fetish for drowning polar bears, Matt has just the cartoon for you asphyxo-furry sickos.

There Goes That

manbitesdog.jpgA few years ago, I wrote a pilot on spec and submitted it to some shitty Bravo show. Even though it was the first script I wrote, it came out pretty well and I think most of it still holds up.

I used it as a writing sample and never bothered shopping it around. Then I heard about Dog Bites Man, which starts in two weeks on Comedy Central. It follows a fake local news team as they interview real people, in a half-scripted, half-improv style like Reno 911.

My pilot spec was all scripted and centered around a British news team who travelled across America, interviewing its weirdos and losers. Not exactly the same, but it’s similar enough for me to kick myself for not doing anything with it.

Now I have to come up with an all new premise and write another pilot. Boo. At least Dog Bites Man will be good. And anything with Zach Galifianakis and Matt Walsh will help counteract the mediocrity that is Carlos Mencia.

Escape From Cozy Acres

escape from cozy acres
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Here’s a fake movie poster. I wrote up a bunch of fake summer blockbuster titles, but most were lame and the bit was too similar to every other thing I do. Speaking of fake movies, watch this one:

If you have a YouTube account you can rate the sketch here. If you’re not a fan of grainy flash movies, here’s a Quicktime version.

Next week I make light of global warming, the thing that’s going to partypoop the party that is the remainder of my adult life.

Mr. Excitement

Hello internet. I’ve been neglecting you. Have you seen any wacky memes lately? Fascinating. Listen, I’ve got to jet, but I promise I’ll pencil in some serious “us” time real soon. By the way, you look awesome.

A Message From the Myopia Club

myopia club
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A few weeks ago there was a bit of a fuss when the Sierra Club endorsed Rhode Island’s senator Lincoln Chafee, even though his party has consistently passed legislation that takes a big ol’ shit on nature. They cited something about him having a favorable voting record on all environment specific legislation.

Ugh, I’m not an op-ed columnist. I don’t feel like typing out my nuanced position on special interest groups right now. The short version is that while special interest groups have every right to endorse whoever they want, based on whatever myopic criteria they choose, that doesn’t mean anyone should give a shit what they have to say. Most of us live in the real world where one single issue doesn’t dominate our lives, fundies and hippies excluded.

A senator who gets an “A+” from the Sierra Club, but still endorses torture, regressive tax policies, and appoints Supreme Court justices who are in favor of making the presidency a dictatorship (Chafee’s no vote on Alito doesn’t count. He chose to vote for cloture, which is what really mattered.) is still an asshole.

Also, a message to my neighbors in Rhode Island: Sure you’re south of Massachusetts, but that doesn’t make you the South. Stop sending Republicans to the Capitol! They don’t like you.

I’m Not Dead

Phillip Thumb

Here’s a peek at what I’ve been working on for the past couple of days. You can click on the picture for a bigger screencap.

Editing is even more tedious than drawing a comic strip. I know it’s been ages since I said I would post sketches here, but a finished version should be up by next week. Several more shorts will be up on The Good Students’ site in the weeks before our next show.

Kids Say the Most Pragmatic Things

Kids Say the Most Pragmatic Things
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This was funny when I wrote it on a bus. Now that I’m no longer on a bus, not so much.

The only thing I have to add is that caca is the only baby word I remember using. I always thought it was spelt with a k, but a quick Google search revealed that the c spelling is much more popular. So I altered the final panel where the kid mentions the old vaudevillian rule that k words are inherently funny. Only now do I realize I could have just changed it to k sounds instead of scrapping the entire joke. Damn you hindsight!

Next week I give the tree-huggers a thwack with a switch from my cynicism bush.