Our Flag Is An Awesome Flag

Our Flag
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I’m kind of in a daze from meeting a last minute change in deadline. I haven’t been this sleepy in ages. So without further rambling, here’s a cartoon about the flag.

I would take a thousand shits on the American flag if I thought it would convince anyone to give the Constitution and Bill of Rights the same reverence they bestow on that rather tacky piece of fabric.

And in case this is the first BFW cartoon you ever read, I don’t really believe a star will fall off a veteran’s flag if the Pledge of Allegiance isn’t recited. It was my intent to illustrate what an empty gesture the pledge is. It’s certainly way down on my list of gripes, but the Pledge of Allegiance is something that should be abolished. Forcing children to say something in the name of freedom could quite possibly be a contributing factor to all the cynicism and apathy that surrounds us.

Matt Bors also has a comic about the flag this week. His flag bikini joke is better than mine.

And remember, USA = number one:

Next Week: A shitty idea that’s been dogging me for months finally sees the light of day, thanks in large part to my inability to be funny under pressure.


If any of you were planning on seeing my sketch show July 6th, and wondering why all mention of it has been scrubbed from this site, you should know it’s been cancelled. The theater lost its lease. We’re currently trying to figure out where to go. However, more videos will be posted after the holiday.

Internet Explorer issues. I’ve heard from one person that the sidebar behaves annoyingly in one version of that browser. I haven’t been able to replicate it on my own machine, so let me know if the problem’s widespread. If it is, I’ll fix it this weekend. As we all know, winners celebrate the 4th by fixing CSS code.

I’ve finally begun mailing more weeklies my stuff. I’d really appreciate it if you dropped your local one a brief note mentioning BFW. And thanks to everyone who’s already done that.

Copa Mundial

I’d rather sit in the Yankees bleachers wearing a pink Red Sox hat than make some hacky joke about soccer being boring; I don’t think it is. It’s as fun as ultimate frisbee to play, and has the added bonus of being hippie free. Every four years, I try to give watching soccer a chance, but there’s one aspect of the game that makes it completely unwatchable for me: the acting.

I believe any sport where fouls are an integral part of the game invites athletes to engage in some pretty shitty acting. Watching players fake cry and wince in an attempt to get a free kick is as uncomfortable as watching a toddler have a tantrum at the grocery store. This also applies to free throws in basketball, or as the game was called when it was invented in Springfield, MA, “back and forth dance party.”

Acting and sports don’t mix. That’s why there was very little overlap between the football team and the Drama Club.

If there’s any acting in baseball, it’s when the rest of the Yankees try to pretend A-Rod isn’t a douchebag.

9th Ward Beach Party

9th Ward Beach Party
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This cartoon is a byproduct of technology and the Eisenhower administration. I spent a good 20 hours on Eisenhower’s Interstates last week, and listened to mp3s the whole time, about half podcasts, half music. I finally got caught up with This American Life and the In The Shadow of the City episode (#307) reminded me that it’s been a while since I did a cartoon about New Orleans. I also heard the Dead Milkmen‘s Beach Party Vietnam on the way back and couldn’t get it out of my head while I was trying to come up with something. Continue reading 9th Ward Beach Party

Three Letter Reviews

Here’s some quick filler to bump the previous grumpiness down the page. I don’t actually have HBO, but here’s what I think of their Sunday night lineup:

Sopranos: Wha?
Entourage: Meh
Lucky Louie: Yay
Tourgasm: Boo

If you only watched the pilot for Lucky Louie, give the other episodes a chance. There’s no clunky exposition explaining who everyone is. Also, Barbara Walters hates the show, and you don’t want to have something in common with that withered dinosaur, do you?

I’ll Get To It

It’s fucking hot, humid, and I’ve been too busy to install my AC. I have so much shit to catch up on this week that it’s making me hate each and everyone of you just a little bit.

UPDATE: Now it’s not so humid and I’ve made a dent in all the crap I’m supposed to do this week. I still won’t have time to post here, so read what strangers have said about my Kansas Classrooms comic.

I’m Back (For Now)

Here is actual physical proof that I left the house last weekend.

l-r: Stephanie McMillan, Matt Bors, Ted Rall, and Some Douchebag

I’m back from MoCCA, and have one glorious day before heading out to Cleveland for the Attitude 3 signing at Mac’s Backs. You should come. I smell nice!

When I got back, I was shocked to learn that my site’s traffic went nutso bananas over the weekend. Hello to all the Stumbleupon folks and the magnificent atheists at God Is For Suckers. Is there any way I can get you new people to buy my crap?

Finally, I’m way behind replying to emails. If you sent me one in the past two weeks, I promise I’ll write back to you as soon as I get back from Cleveland and all my deadlines are squared away.