What a Little Weirdo!

I know I said I’d lay off the YouTube posts, but this isn’t some random video I found. This is a brief clip from the home movies I’m in the middle of digitizing. It’s my sister and myself at a cheesy amusement park that remarkably still exists.

I am absolutely, 100% sure that my little performance was an attempt to convince random passersby that I am an animatronic exhibit. There’s several other clips of me flinching at bugs and animals on this same vacation tape, but you’ll have to wait until American Masters runs out of subjects and starts covering obscure cartoonists of the aughts to see them.

6 thoughts on “What a Little Weirdo!”

  1. Kind of reminds me of that episode of Friends where Monica and Ross are at a televised dance club for New Years Eve and they do their “routine” and Ross goes into a few moves of the robot before Monica tells him to quit.

  2. Matt, my brain died while trying to pronounce that acronym.

    Michele, I’m a giant snob and stopped watching Friends once Ross ditched the monkey.

  3. First of all I don’t think your any more than a snob than the rest of us. I’m not ever going to apologies in advance for this, so I’m just going to say it, Friends was once a funny show. Yeah, OK, it went down hill in the last season, but I will admit most of the episodes I watched was in syndication because I will not tailor my life around prime time television, but the show still makes me laugh! If Marcella is so important to you that just flip on Outbreak among other TV shows and movies he’s been on……BTW I never did like Ross.

  4. There’s a show you don’t hear too much about anymore. Once in a while Fred Savage appears in different things but what happened to everybody else?

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