Hugo Chavez and the Citgo Sign

citgo signHere’s a comic I did for the Phoenix about the recent kerfuffle over Hugo Chavez’s UN speech.

If America is going to be the bully of the world, its citizens need to grow a thicker skin. Jerry McDermott and everyone else who’s mad that Hugo Chavez said mean things about the president are a bunch of pussies.

Go ahead and protest Citgo because Chavez is a dink, but if you have no problem with buying Saudi oil, you are a moron and giant fucking hypocrite. Also, the Citgo sign is way cooler than the weather lights on the Old Hancock Tower.

Speaking of the Citgo sign, lets look back to an old cartoon that it’s featured in. Though I caution that Red Sox fans may get sad when they see it and remember how low the team has sunk in just two years.