9 thoughts on “George Allen’s Offend-A-Thon 2006”

  1. Yes, George Allen is a racist asshole.

    I read somewhere that when George was in a college football, he said the “n” word to refer to blacks (as recalled by his former classmates) and apparently put a severed deer head in a black person’s mailbox.

  2. The deer head thing hasn’t got nearly enough attention. I mean, almost any republican could have someone from their past attest to them using the n-word.

    Cutting off a deer head and stuffing it into a black person’s mailbox. That’s the kind of dedication to racism that brings a tear to Strom Thurmond’s eye (up in asshole heaven).

  3. As far as I know, the deer head thing hasn’t been verified yet. But I don’t care. Dems should take this as a lesson and Swift Boat every Republican with allegations of heinous racism.

    Did you know Lincoln Chaffee threw doritos at a Mexican baby? Spread the word!

  4. The baby could be a girl. There’s also half of a woman behind Allen in the macaca panel. But yes, the ladies aren’t represented well in this comic.

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