Q: What’s He Building? (A: A Blog Post)

Hello interfriends. Did you know Tom Waits has a new giganto album out? Now you do! I like it very much, and maybe you will too. Or maybe you won’t. I don’t care. I don’t have to listen to what you put in your earholes. Anywhatzles, Mr. Waits will be on tomorrow’s Daily Show and that’s enough of an excuse for me to phone in another YouTube post. YouTubes away!

“Lie to Me” Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards

The Good Students Return!

Hello Boston area readers. My sketch group, The Good Students, is coming out of hibernation and will be at Improv Boston this Sunday, the 19th at 7pm. Tickets are $7 / $5 for students and seniors. We’ll be doing some new sketches a debuting a brand new humorous video. It’ll be posted on the website shortly after for you lazy bums.

I know I’ve lied to you in the past, but we will be doing stuff more frequently from now on. For reals.

Speaking of comedy, I hate Dane Cook and you should too. Also, I wanted to like it, but Studio 60 is one preachy motherfucker of a show. Watching Sorkin’s approximation of sketch comedy makes me feel the same way a lion tamer must’ve felt when he watched Circus of the Stars.

Religious Pareidolia in Unlikely Places

click for comic

Our nation’s electoral system is biased against weekly cartoonists. With elections on Tuesdays, most of us can’t do a timely cartoon about that week’s results because our deadlines are usually the Friday or Monday before.

So instead of counting my chickens before they hatched like last time, I went with a safe cartoon that mocked religion. Religious pareidolia is a real phenomenon. A real phenomenon experienced by real morons.

Next Week:
Fine Dining Guide, unless I can come up with something better while you’re all enjoying your weekends.

Good News Everyone

I’m not talking about the Democrats’ amazing ability to pull victory from the jaws of Diebold, as great as that is. The good news I’m talking about is that the Land Dolphin really exists! Thanks to Matt for letting me know about this exciting discovery. I caution all city dwellers to be on the lookout for Chipmunculus.

I could write a lengthy post about the ramifications of this week’s election. But now that Bush is likely to be the lamest of ducks, I should get on with the serious business of crafting nonsense phrases and fart jokes.

Mass. Gubernatorial Race

I have a cartoon in this week’s Phoenix about the race for governor here in Massachusetts. It’s been a weird campaign, with the Republican Kerry Healey running some of the most negative ads in the country and Democrat Deval Patrick sticking with optimismic and hopeful ones. He can afford to do that with his 25 point lead in the polls.

Out of state readers may be surprised to know Massachusetts has had a Republican governor for the past sixteen years. Or more likely, out of state readers just won’t care.